RemBright White Total Care / Ordered product didn't receive product or refund.

1 1412 FM 1960 RD W #222, Houston, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800 434-2758 or 800 236-9518

I ordered and was charged $4.87 for their 10 day trial tooth whitening period product. Upon receiving the order confirmation, I noticed, they would be sending me a regular supply for seventy plus dollars. I immediately called and cancelled the order on 01/04/10 and 01/11/10, to make sure. They did give me a confirmation number. I called and spoke to someone calling herself Leah to confirm my refund. She said she would speak to her boss so my refund could be processed. I have not received a refund or product to this day, which means that they stole $4.87 from me.

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