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Dear Sir/Mam,

On 31st October 2016, My last evening In Italy I decided to explore the night life in Rome thus with local guidelines I have ended up in a night club/bar called Paris- Roma and I have ordered only 1 peg of Smirnoff with orange juice and a packet of Marlboro cigarette after 10 minutes a lady came and sat beside me and started chatting with me followed by a bar lady with alcohol for serving to that lady and a very small fruit ball.

The lady started drinking like fish, 8 bottles of champagne kept in front of her by the bar lady one by one ( which I believe is not true as lady alone cant drink that much neither alcohol nor that quantity ) bottles were covered by leather bags thus we don't what is inside and what quantity was there actually.

After a while when I finished my drink I called the bar lady for the bill and I was shocked and about to fall down looking at it as it was EURO 2140 /- were I drank only one peg of cheap alcohol and a packet of cigarette .

there where no computer generated printed bill instead just wrote the descriptions on a piece of paper something like EURO 350/Champagne bottle and so on ( I was not in my sense looking at the final figure)

Finally when I asked for proper bill matching to the menu-card they have the situation began to change and they threatened me saying I cant leave the place w/o paying the full bill and forced me to pay with my credit card and I had to enter my pin to save m, y life and took my signature on my KSA ID copy saying you are smart you will claim this money so we should have the proof .

I had to leave italy next morning and my room mate was locked by me in our hotel room as he was resting when I was going out thus I had to reaqch back hotel and could not complain to police but I have blocked my card through customer care online but money was debited by then.

I placed dispute request through my bank but after 1 month they too give up on me saying the PIN was entered so they are claiming it as a genuine transaction.

This was my first and last Europe trip and still its a nightmare for me ..

Jijo George Philip
00966 [protected]

Jan 31, 2017

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