Paddock Chevrolet / 2018 equinox (diesel)

I leased a 2018 diesel equinox in 2/2018. I was shocked when my engine light came on at 6300 miles. The message was you can drive 99 miles until the vehicle won't be able to go over 65 mph. I know that was an emissions problem because my 2014 Diesel Cruze did the same thing, However the Cruze had over 70, 000 miles before problems occurred. Not 6300 miles. Then the Cruzes engine light was on more than off with multiple emission problems which caused me to trade it in. I leased the diesel equinox because I would have to turn it in at 45, 000 miles. I didn't expect it to have problems on a brand new vehicle with low mileage. Obviously the diesel emission problem has been around for awhile. Why hasn't GM solved this problem yet? Especially with all the technology available today? I will not purchase another diesel engine vehicle. It is very disappointing.
Connie Balon

Jul 24, 2018

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