Oval International / I am unbelievably peeved off at this college

I am unbelievably peeved off at this college. I'm a first year student at their PMB campus, and have just been informed of them closing at the end of the year. Personally, I feel *** over, as my two options is to either do Distance Education or go to the Durban campus.

As far as I'm concerned, this is breach of contract, and a sign they don't give two hoots about their students (despite adverts stating otherwise).

Their excuse is that it's no longer feasible to keep the other campuses open (did I mention they're closing ALL but their Durban branch?) and have decided to screw us over.

Personally, the only acceptable option would be to keep the campus open for the remaining three years, but not take on any more students. Obviously, this would be taking responsibility for their actions, and since they don't feel like doing this, they have decided against such a tactic.

The owner of Oval is a Mr. Praven Maharaj.

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