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Optimum Fitness LLC / Chris Evans

1 Flowery Branch, GA, United States
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On June 6th I contracted with Optimum Fitness LLC for 12 personal training sessions @$25 each. My goal was to lose 10 pounds in 4 months and get back into my smaller clothes. Chris told me that was definitely possible if I hired one of his personal trainers. My trainer was to be Robin Moses who is a certified personal trainer and old friend. She was spectacular. I have absolutely no complaints with her. She changed my routine each time and kept records of each work out. Two weeks later I was at the gym (Falcon Fitness) on my own since she was away. I had a list of exercises to do. The general manager, Chris Evans, asked he I wanted him to help me work out and I agreed. During that session he told me that he could do a better job than Robin and he would clear it with her to become my new personal trainer. For the next 6-7 weeks, Chris Evans guided my sessions. I did 4 each week. Chris didn't do much but stick me on machines. He didn't document my progress or plan any routines ahead of time. Never was a session planned ahead - he looked around the gym and decided what I would do. On the morning of August 6th, I weighed myself at home and measured the circumference of my body as had been done on the first day with Robin. NOTHING had changed. There was no weight loss and no inches lost. My clothes were still tight. When I got to the gym, I got on the elliptical and began at a medium pace. Chris walked by and I said I wanted a progress check before my session since there had not been one for 2 months - not a single check since I began. He refused saying that I was too "pumped". I had been on the elliptical for exactly 1 min and 46 seconds. Even a lay person knows you don't get pumped in less than 2 minutes. He insisted that HE was the expert. I said I would weigh myself and I did. I have not lost a single pound in 2 months of exercise. I felt so upset and overwhelmed after having spent close to $1000 on training. I never arrived late and was diligent and consistent. I saw the owner of Falcon Fitness, Hitesh Patel, and asked if I could talk to him. I laid out the issue - no progress or progress checks in 2 months. He told me he would talk to Chris and have Chris call me that afternoon. Chris Evans never called. Now there are several other issues too (1) Chris would carry his phone around and text during my work outs (2) Chris spent time talking to others in the gym while I was paying him (3) Chris went on a vacation and so I had to miss 2 work-outs - he left me no instructions or exercise to do nor did he have another personal trainer fill in (4) I haven't been instructed on how to use any of the machines or what weight to use so I can not work out independently (5) Chris took no notes about anything - he didn't write down the exercises I did, my progress, nothing - he winged it every time - never planned ahead (6) the worst of all is that he claims on his web page that he is NSCA certified but NSCA has NO RECORD OF CHRIS EVANS - he is a fraud!!! I have an email from NSCA stating he is not certified by them. So I have been defrauded of everything I paid with no results to show for it. I want ALL my money back because I had to pay for the gym membership at Falcon Fitness too because that is where Chris Evans operates as an independent contractor. In no way is either Robin Moses or Hitesh Patel at fault - it is Chris Evans who is committing fraud. In fact even if Chris WAS certified, there have been NO RESULTS and that fact speaks for itself. ipso facto.

Aug 9, 2015

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