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North American Companies LLC / Premier National Private Equity Firm; Invested 30,000 USD, GOT TAKEN

425 Market Street, 22nd Floor San Francisco California 94105San Francisco, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 8778062226

End of 2008 I wired 30, 000 USD to Cobalt One LLC, which is one of the many companies under the umbrella of North American Acquisitions LLC or North American Companies LLC. I was going to earn interest on those funds, I was also promised that those funds would be secured by paid off real estate.

I got a run around on completing that process of securing my funds by these paid of homes. I was supposed to get my funds back plus interest every quarter (3months) and it would be up to me to collect the interest only and leave the principal amount invested with them so that I can keep earning interest. They failed to secure my funds by paid off real estate and they failed to pay me any interest or my original funds.

I have gotten a run around for almost 2 years, because legal help is expensive and given the circumstances I could not pursue
it legally and all i could do is hope for their promises. Michael Llamas, Peter Woodard, Steve Llamas, Michelle !
Sides Esquire, are all part of North American Companies. I communicated with Michael Llamas, Steve Llamas(Michael s Father) Michele Sides (their legal counsel and partner) they all tried to "assist" me with collectingmy funds with interest, which never happened. Promise after promise after promise.

2 years later I filed a few complaints, Michael Llamas responded and said "they are nothing but fraud, that I told you Armen
that we will take care of this for you" and requested that Michelle Sides would "draft up" the paperwork I can sign so that they can pay off their loan. I got a copy of that letter, which simply explained that by me signing it would relief them of ANY LIABILITY from the part, present and future. I said "I will not sign that until the funds have been
deposited in an escrow account, and contingent that the funds are cleared I will sign what ever they please" That of course never happened.

Some time later again i got contacted by Llamas which I believe was a result of me complaining so much and said that he will make a deposit into my account. He did not specify the amount. Then he said that every week they will pay me off with installments only if I am patient. The deposit did come in, for 1, 000 dollars. And I haven't heard back from him
since. Just to clarify I have proof of wiring the funds, I have a "note" that I am holding which I was provided as a legal contract by North American Companies, every time i check the web they have articles
that they are growing and expanding.

Adding new departments, do this and that, however I feel that I am a victim and I believe this should be looked into on the
state level. If it is left unattended by the authorities then this tells me that I can go out there, lie to people, promise them what ever I want, accept their money and give them a bunch of stories. I have also referred another person that invested funds with them and I have gotten threatened because they are holding me liable for this recommendation. It was in the amount of 20, 000 USD.

I have told Michael Llamas that I am willing to accept my 30, 000 in USD that was wired to them and will not look for the
interest earned on those funds. I just want my original funds back.

--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Subject: Wire Confirmation Number
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 12:46:44 -0800
From: pete@northaa.com
To: mllamasnaa@northaa.com

Wire Confirmation # 20090112B6B7HU3R008253

Also if you notice I received the wire confirmation from Pete@northaa.com (Peter Woodard) which tells me he is in charge of the money. I requested to speak with him numerous times, I never got his contact information or got any of my messages returned.

I have included proof of my wire being sent, confirmation, Michael Llamas' Track Record and His Photograph which i got from a blog on "Llamas Family Victims". I cannot speak for everybody, but as for my self, I had $30, 000 dollars taken from me, today is 1/23/2011 I am owed in excess of $58, 000 (including interest) I have only received $1, 000 deposit (2 months ago) in between all these empty promises, I have pages upon pages of emails from Llamas and Associates documenting their promises to pay me back. And here we are today. Undeniable Truth!

North American Companies LLCNorth American Companies LLCNorth American Companies LLC


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