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CVSPharmacy/script mistakes

My wife and I have been using your CVS location in Louisa Virginia for the past five plus years and have never had any issues till this last year and now this week. We both take Citalopram HBR 40MG and each get a 90 day supply, and have been for years, Last year my wife had an issue with one of her refills and was told that she had already picked it up and there was nothing that they could do about her mistake. So my wife had to go for just over a month with out her meds till your store said they could refill. Now you would think that this would have been over with but no when it came time again to refill she was told she had picked it up and that she could talk with the SM because the techs make no mistakes. My wife went in to your store and was given a 30 day supply for free and told she would need to wait for it to populate for a refill. Now here we are on 02/27/2021 and I and due for my refill. I place the order over the phone and the system states that my Citalopram was scheduled for pick up on 02/22/21, I never got a call or text for this so I places the order to be refilled. I just got off the phone with one of the Pharmacists at 6pm and was told first it was the doctors mistake that they had to send in a request to fix his mistake then when I stated that my bottle and your app stated that i have one more refill to be filled she stated she needed to pull up my account and see. After she looked she stated that the doctor had not make a mistake but that I had picked up a 20 day supply this last November. I told her that was incorrect because I have never picked up anything less then my 90 day every time year after year. I was told that was what the PC said so I was mistaken. I then explained to her that she was mistaken because this issue has been going on with my wife and now it looks like it is starting with mine. I was then told that all she could do was read the screen and request the my doctor resend a new script. This needs to be addressed with the Store Manager of this location and fixed. I do not understand how this has happened and why it keeps on happening. I expect to be contacted with a full resolution to this issue, both mine and my wife. [protected]@gmail.com

The attached photo is of our scripts. Mine on the left is the issue I spoke of the one on the right is of the 30 they gave my wife but printed a 90 day label and was told not to worry about that part it won't matter.

Pharmacy/script mistakes

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    • Mi
      MidnightRain38 Feb 28, 2021

      That is why I stopped going to cvs.the people there never listen and could never comprehend when I would tell them not to auto refill and yet they still did..I went to Meijer pharmacy never had a problem..not sure if you have them there

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    CVS PharmacyPrescription order

    I refill my medication every month at the CVS in Crystal Lake, IL on 177 West Virginia Street. They first were 24 hours which was why I went there in the first place so I could pick my prescription up at my convenience. They now are only open from 8:30am to 8pm. They have lost pharmacist since also. I always get a refill date of when I can pick up my medication. I was told yesterday that it would be ready today! Then I go to pick it up and no it's not ready for another 3 days because the pharmacist said that is when she's approved it! Which my doctors fill date was yesterday but the pharmacist thinks it should be total of 4 days.There were new pharmacy tech's that had no idea what they were doing. And now I have to wait 3 more days for my medication. I'm not going to use this pharmacy after this refill. Very slow help and they don't care about what you have going on in your life you have no choice but to work around there schedules they set.

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      CVS Caremark PharmacyMedications

      I was transferred from Express Scripts Pharmacy over to CVS Pharmacy January 1, 2021 (due to no fault of my own) and since I have had to get new prescriptions and prior authorizations on two of my medicines causing me to have to go two weeks without my injectables for my Lupus. The other medicine is prevacid for my stomach and I still do not have the medicine and it has been three weeks and my stomach is hurting me.

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        • Updated by Mary Mcdonald · Feb 26, 2021

          I submitted my comment in the box above this one.

        CVSprescription delivery or pickup

        For past week have bee trying on website for cvs to get prescription delivered, then I get robo call pres ready for pickup, go on site, try again. Unable to pickup prescr myself because they allow delivery trailers to park in the three handicapped spots-constantly, police have been contacted. Parking lot is not safe for disabled person with mobility issues. Pres is for heart med, have heart surgery scheduled for Tuesday at St Eliz. Called pharmacy, treated ridiculously rudely and was hung up on. I am documenting this info various places in case the week delay causes any problems, I still have no clue about my prescription, is it being delivered, how to avoid this ongoing thing in the future, hope no need for lawyer

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          CVSSecond Pfizer Vaccine in Florida

          I am 94 yo male that got my first Pfizer Covid vaccine shot on January 18, 2021 while at Courtney Springs Rehabilitation Center in Merritt Island, Florida. It was lot #EL3247. I am not longer at that facility. I am back home in Cocoa Beach, Florida. My understanding is that I can only get the second Pfizer vaccine shot via a nursing home, rehabilitation center or hospital. I have called your Covid hot line number twice and told I will have to go online and keep checking for an available appointment. My complaint is the folks that got the first shot should be given a time to get the second shot without all this trouble. I also must get the Pfizer vaccine.

          Thank you for your assistance,

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            CVSCustomer Service

            My name is Linda D Moyers.
            I live in Petersburg, WV
            Our closest CVS is Moorefield, WV
            This complaint is about a tech in pharmacy.
            One tech blurted out to friends picking up a prescription for me asking if I was still taking my med for diarrhea. To me this should have been done in private and not out in the open so others could hear.


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              • Carlton G. Long Feb 26, 2021
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                You're obviously lying, just to get attention.

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              Feb 24, 2021

              CVS — Rude staff.

              I went to the CVS at 2007 BrookPark road Cleveland Ohio 44109 the staff are always very rude. The women at...

              Feb 24, 2021

              CVS — Prescription

              My wife went to pick up our prescriptions at your store #1636 in mechanicsburg pa. And she was charged...

              Feb 24, 2021

              CVS — Pharmacy employees

              On February 21, 2021 I arrived at CVS in Mesa to find adult diapers and pick up 2 prescriptions from the...

              Feb 21, 2021

              CVS — Pharmacy staff

              I went to my local CVS on Saturday February 20th to pick up my daughter's prescription. A staff by the...


              I am a customer with chronic pain management and have been for over ten years. Dealing with this pharmacy over the last year has been a very difficult experience. What used to take 5 min of my personal phone time per month at HEB or Walgreens now takes anywhere from 2-3 hrs at CVS. They never answer the phone and my particular case involves speaking to the pharmacist days ahead of pick up time. This has put me and many others in my neighborhood in real undue duress. I've been told by three different CVS technicians, all in Bee Cave or Lakeway, Texas, that they are told not to worry about the phone calls. I live in Lakeway and would love to know what we can do to change this system.

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                Feb 20, 2021

                CVS — Lotto machine

                Put money into lotto machine at cvs in newbury park at 2120 newbury rd.. Machine jammed and kept my $10...


                I have given the pharmacy my information regarding my bank card information, gold rx card and the fact i only want to get a 30 day supply and not 90 day supply of my prescriptions because that is what i can afford. Once again i had a refill that i had to correct to 30 days and asked to have it delivered to me. I was told it would be delivered and it was paid for and everything was good, I have never received my refill and today i get a text that today is the last day for me to pick up my prescriptions and included in that is a 90 day supply of the blood pressure meds. I am tired of trying to get this information registered correctly. It takes so long to stand in line to try and get a refill. I stopped on Wed but they were so backed up i left. I am going to have my prescriptions transferred to Walgreens because I cannot keep going through this issue everytime i need a refill

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                  CVScvs extra care card

                  My name is Valerie Mitchell, my phone number is [protected], my current email address is [protected]@icloud.com. Some one continues to change my email address associated with my cvs extra care card, when I call the person fraudulently pretended to be with CVS, when I hung up, he called me back from [protected] in El Paso, TX. My extra care number is [protected] and I was just calling to update my card info that was illegally changed. The fraudently email address is [protected]@outlook.com or [protected]@outlook.com.. I usually have my receipts emailed to me and I found out it was going to this outlook email account that was stolen from me a few years ago.

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                    Feb 17, 2021

                    CVS — Erica, store manager

                    on 2/13/2021 I went into store #2790 approximately 1p.m. I took 4 items up to the register where Erica wa...

                    Evergreen Park


                    I was at the CVS on Southern Artery in Quincy yesterday to pick up a prescription and needless to say the young person at the counter was so incredibly rude. She first told me that when a phone number came on the key pad to verify it. When I told her there wasn't a number she said "then just say yes" which did not make sense to me. At the end of our transaction she put the receipt and instructions in front of me and walked away. I thought the instruction's was an envelope to put the medication in. As she got her belongings and was obviously leaving I called out to her and asked what it (the envelope?) was, and she ignored me. Just then a pharmacist called me over and I told her how rude the woman and she said "I know, and I'm sorry". I get the feeling she has to do that a lot. Anyway that got her attention and she came back and asked me what the problem was and when I started to tell her she told me she was just handing me the receipt and she was sorry if I was having a "bad"day. I told her I wasn't and how rude she was and how she had the same attitude when my daughter in law was in the morning to place the order. She then asked me who my daughter in law was. We are white and I think she has a problem with the color of our skin. She needs to be addressed. Cathy McKunes [protected]

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                      • Th
                        TheMechanic Feb 17, 2021

                        Sounds like you don't understand etiquette and protocol and because you are easily so confused you become angry when you don't know what to do and take it out on others and act as though they are rude when they don't hold your hand and step by step walk you through what you are suppose to do. You like like the customer who doesn't know how to setup a cellphone so when I sell you the cellphone you expect me to set it up for you and then get upset cause we don't do that.

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                      My podiatrist called a prescription in to the Levittown NY for Jublia on Hempstead Tpke and when I went to pick it up I was told the price was $585.00, I was shocked and the young man behind the counter said that was the best Price. I paid it my doctor phoned in another prescription to a Pharmacy in Woodbury a private not associated with a chain. I was called yesterday telling me that my prescription for Jublia was to be delivered today it arrived and the price was $65.00. I went back to MY CVS and the Pharmacist had no answer why they charge $520.00 more, first she said it could be my insurance but I have Medicare and it was used in both places, I have Care Mark with CVS and I cannot believe I was ripped off by my own pharmacy. I will be filing a report with the Better Business Bureau

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                        CVSI've HAD IT WITH CVS pharmacy!

                        Before I leave CVS and take my business to Kroger and Walgreen's I think you should know how CRAPPY the service is at the store 04505 is. I have a LOT of rx filled there, and I've lost count of how many times the pharmacists screw up my prescriptions. EX: I provided a rx for a nebulizer medicine. The rx was clear, but the ordered THE UNIT AND NOT THE MEDICATION. Then they sent it back and said they'd order the actual medicine that goes into the nebulizer ONE WEEK LATER THEY STILL HADN'T ORDERED IT! Same thing today. My doctor called in a prescription over a week ago. I confirmed it with their office, actually waited TWO DAYS before calling CVS and they still hadn't filled it. After waiting over 20 minutes on hold some irritated employee said they didn't fill it because my insurance didn't cover it. SO WHAT? Fill the damn thing anyway or call me! He said they didn't have it but it could be in the next day. Right. He would order it. Right.

                        One week later, I'm on hold for 15 minutes before someone picks up. 15 MINUTES! Then they hang up...that's it. I had checked the automatic line messages first, but over a week later this prescription still hasn't been filled. so ONCE AGAIN, I HAVE AN RX THAT THE CVS [censored]S SAID THEY'D ORDER AND DIDN'T, AND NOW I HAVE TO SPEND ANOTHER 15 MINUTES WAITING TO GO OVER IT AGAIN WITH A PHARMACIST AND GET IT ORDERED.

                        It hasn't been ordered...if it was, it would be on the list of Rx that have been filled when I first called into the automatic line.


                        In contrast, I've started moving rx over to Kroger. I get automatic phone calls telling me rx is ready, I get phone calls from the pharmacists if ANYTHING is a problem, and they're much cheaper than CVS...even if you take into account the stupid coupons CVS spits out that expire so quickly you can't realistically use them.

                        And a general aside - the store is ALWAYS A MESS, filthy, and stock in the aisles.

                        I have had SO MANY instances and problems with CVS (mainly this store) that I can't count. It's more the rule than the exception because there is a core 2 or 3 people that really try. It's CVS corporate that is the problem.

                        When I write a company, I usually try to be respectful in my letter, avoiding certain language, etc. However, in this instance, CVS doesn't warrant respect. Because you cut budgets and rotate techs so much, you've got an irritated staff that knows nothing, is overworked, and couldn't possibly care less about the customer.

                        So I have to waste another 15 minutes. Will call CVS, wait on hold, then try to get the rx transferred to Kroger. I just thought you should know why another customer is leaving (and posting complaints on social media)-I've literally spent thousands at CVS pharmacy. Not that you care. I'm sure you'll continue beating up customers as long as you can.

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                          CVSCovid Vaccine

                          I am trying to schedule an appointment for the COVID 19 vaccine in Virginia. Per the VDH and the CDC, people with chronic health conditions should be included in the 1b vaccinations. Yet, when I try to schedule it only states 65+ can get the vaccine in this group. When I called the CVS helpline I was advised to lie about my age in order to get into the 1B group. Additionally, the site wants you to check that your submission is accurate to your age which can put you in jeopardy of stating, as directed by CVS helpline, of lying.

                          I have a doctors note stating that I really need to get this vaccine. Again, I ask, why is the group with underlying health conditions not included in the 1b vaccinations?

                          Can you please update your website for scheduling to include underlying health conditions as directed by the CDC and state guidelines.

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                            Feb 15, 2021

                            CVS — Pharmacy incompetence

                            Doctor sent 4 scripts to 2077 commercial way, Spring Hill Fl store. I got 4 separate text telling me they...

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