[Resolved] Newgate Communicationsimproper issue of card membership fee

Dear Ms/Mrs/Mr,
Good evening. I'm writing with regards to a credit card waiver application made through your hotline, which wasn't manned by a real human and I was unable to state my case proper before facing rejection.

I refer to my credit card bill, for preferred card platinum [protected]. The membership bill was informed to me this year, for a card which I have NEVER USED, and NEVER MADE A SINGLE PURCHASE ON (please check the history for proof). I had applied for this card sometime last year, and upon receiving the physical card, I have NEVER received my so called pin that was issued to me. I made 1 call for replacement, and didn't spare a second thought as time when by and I never heard back on my replacement pin. But I still kept faith in UOB, and mid of this year, made my switch to UOB One Account for my monthly salary safekeeping. I've really heard rather good things from some colleagues, which is why I made the switch.

When I applied for UOB yolo, I SPECIFICALLY told the lady (I need to check whoever her name is, from the VIVO city Branch), I told her to please cancel my membership with preferred platinum as I've never received the pin and have even destroyed the card. Her response I remembered clearly was IT DOES NOT MATTER. So she did not cancel it. Rather, she said it was fine to keep it on my profile as long as I don't use the card, and if the records show that I don't use it, the backend will just cancel it accordingly. Which certainly WAS NOT THE CASE. As I now am asked to pay a membership fee of SGD192 for a card which I've NEVER made use of. Rather, I wanted to use this card, but some backend issues with UOB forced me to have to scrap this card when I didn't receive my pin. Even so, I applied for another card thinking UOB will eventually make things right.

After receiving the request through email to pay for this card, I went down to the same vivocity branch, and was told I need to make a call for cancellation and waiver. So I did and no one on the hotline was willing to hear me out. I seek your help to apply for a waiver of this fee.

I write this in good faith. However if I am really asked to make this membership payment, I will be left with a terrible impression of UOB. And I certainly will pull my remaining account out, and cancel my card. hopefully my remaining colleagues using UOB have a better experience with your bank as I am certainly very disappointed.

Jean Li

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Nov 21, 2018

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