MotorCycle Direct / Bad attitude poor service and poor quality

Just a little less than two years ago I bought a Vehicle from this company in Bellville, I had this bike serviced regularly at the branch, after the third service the back brake lever rapped itself around the axle creating the back wheel to lock up causing me nearly to fall.(caused by there so called mechanic that never tightened a nut) I took the bike into them and this according to them did not fall under there warranty, I then noticed that the back wheel spokes was starting to brake, again I returned the bike to them, this too was not covered by the warranty . I promised myself at this stage I would never walk into there store again, cause when confronting the owners daughter about the poor service and the presence of no warranty what so ever, I receive a a threatening call from her father the owner of the company, as to say that i am not allow to talk to his daughter ever, I don't understand she is the manager that can not sort out a simple complaint. Now nearly a year after what you want to call there warranty had expires I walk into there Montague gardens head office to buy brake pads. they don't supply brakes for this bike anymore. No spares available??


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