Mischer Neuroscience Institute / Horrible support staff, extremely disorganized

1 6400 Fannin Street #2800 , Houston, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (713) 704-7100

The support staff is awful. The receptionists are rude and do not provide assistants, their phone manner and in-person customer service is awful. They do not relay messages to the doctors and the assistants are bad as well. They do not call to tell you of preset appointments, as a patient you must constantly contact their office and even then nothing may come of it. My father had brains surgery, chemo, and radiation done with this clinic. They never called to tell us of appointments that were made and I have called seven (7) times to get in touch with is oncologist and just had to call directly to his cell phone. If this was a business rather than a healthcare facility it would have failed already. My advice is even though the doctors are good, go to MD Anderson where they are extremely organized.

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