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Before we started all this drama we called the creditor on this bill, Highline Medical Center, and no one could tell us anything about it or that it even existed, let alone had been sent to collection. They were all evasive. Then we called the collection agency that we believed that the account had been sent to and, of course, no one there knew anything either. How convenient is that? Then about 6 months later we get this letter from a collection agency.

The letter stated that the last payment the medical center received was 9/16/13, well guess what; that was the last statement we received, they never sent anymore, we don't pay a bill unless we have a current statement. So to shorten this story, we have been paying on this collection account since July 19, 2014.

They insisted on $203.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Bellevue, WA00 a month, they said they can only carry that amount ($1218.63) for 6 months. We Asked for a current statement in October 2014 and November 2014 and never received a reply, no phone call, no letter. So when we made our last payment of $203.00 a month on December 20th, or what we thought to be our last payment, we thought it was the last payment, great now we'll have money to buy food.

Then this am my husband receives a call at work that we still owe $35.00 dollars, they couldn't have sent a letter telling us that and what it was for, they had to bother him at work.The last statement we received from them was July 2014 and they admitted that.

This whole experience has been a nightmare!

This company has the worst customer service that I ever had the misfortune to deal with.

Jan 09, 2015

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