Marino Rocha / Realtor

1 Harleysville Lansdale Pa, United States

There were several issues when weighted as a whole, gave me the opinion Marino Rocha did not represent me in my full and best interest... I believe his possible commission was his main concern...

Within the buyers seller agreement was a clause that I had 5 days to review over 95 pages of condo documents. I believe I had the documents less than 72 hours and he was on the phone and IMO pressuring me for my approval.

IMO ethics with Marino Rocha is a major problem. I believe he said due to a referral program I was in he would only receive $3000.

I think he said if you put a double wide home on a foundation, then latch it down, it is a modular home... I think the appraiser said he never heard of something so rediculous. This information IMO caused many short term and long term problems, , , , , including a loan being denied...

He also says he provides residential remodeling services. If this is true why, in my opinion did he give me the wrong classification as to the construction type of the home I was buying??? Wouldn't everyone in the remodeling business know the difference????

An e-mail sent to Marino Rocha explained the problem with the bank was due to his information. In it I asked him how he was going to fix that mess. His reply back said he'd cover a paperwork fee he wanted me to pay...

Regarding the paperwork fee. I later found this fee was not allowed... Now, , , , , , , , , , that made me wonder what was really going on when I discovered this little gem

1 All he had to do was unlock a few doors in one small neighborhood per his schedule and in my opinion was extremely over paid for a few hours work.

2 Then do the necessary paperwork, which his broker had to finish.

3 Answer questions, which IMO some were never answered until closing time!!!

4 Keep me informed of all developments, which again IMO was not done properly.

5 Work within the parameters of the buyer/seller agreement, which in my opinion he did not do.

Jul 28, 2014

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