Lowe's 2000 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte Fl 33948"black friday racial comment by assistant store manager mr. peter thompson

L Nov 28, 2017

Steven L.

On "Black Friday", me and my wife went to Lowe's at 2000 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, Fl to purchase a television for our grand children, since we where informed that Lowe's be selling televisions for Black Friday event. We wasn't able to locate the television, so I asked an Assistant Manager Mr. Peter Thompson if the television where all sold.

Mr. Peter Thompson (Assistant Manager) said to us...
"Yes... we have televisions, but had they been"Buckets of Chicken"they all would of been sold by now, by every"n[censor]"walking in thru front door.

That being said to us was unappealing, racial, uncalled for and we made no purchase at the store. I did say to Mr. Peter Thompson... thou I may be white, with blonde hair, blue eyes I thought you should know our daughter has been married for 18 years to a black gentleman whom is well educated and is employed in Washington D. C.

My insight on this matter, is in the years providing public service in law for society... any employee acting in this inappropriate behavior, unprofessional and being distasteful would of been terminated by my standards and anyone whom is aware of the"Constitutional Rights".

A complaint was filed on November 28, 2018 with Lowes Company Incorporated at 1605 Curtis Bridge Road, Wilkesboro, North Carolina 28697 regarding this incident.

As for General Manager"Robert Uecker" whom is at that Lowe's location being aware of this incident, as well as Lowe's Headquarters Incorporated I am unaware how this would be resolved, but if Mr. Peter Thompson continues to be employed by Lowes or at any of the company sites, then we can be sure the voice of the American Society would remain unheard and unjustified.


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