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During our brief encounter with this site, we chose to renew our account 1 to 3 months at a time, but decided at the beginning of 2010 we were no longer interested in the membership.

The problem started after checking our most recent bank statement and finding that LL has continued to bill us this entire time, despite us being inactive on the website.

After notifying LL regarding the error, they claimed we chose the "auto renewal" when in reality THEY chose the auto renewal, we missed the option of "opt out auto renewal", thus costing us 6 months of unwanted and unknown fees.

We expressed our disproval of their "auto renewal" system as unethical and state our account clearly shows zero activity for the past 6 months. Their response was, "the auto renewal is a common practice among these kinds of sites and there was nothing unethical about it".

We recommend you print all your receipts when dealing with this site as well as go through the work of having to find the "opt out auto renewal" option in order to prevent "in reality" unauthorized charges.

We believe this is a way for businesses to collect money in an unscrupulous fashion. We recommended LL change their system to a “opt in” option, not “opt out”. Too many victims miss this fine detail, which we believe is what these sites are counting on in order to make extra money from unsuspecting customers.


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