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May 12, 2017

Re: elli goldrich adverse

To whom it may concern at

I am legal counsel for elli goldrich in connection with the above-referenced matter. the following statement is posted about my client on your website:

"elli goldrich elli goldrich contacts & information posted: may 5, 2013 by how does it feel fraud and bad checks complaint rating: 50 % with 2 votes contact information: elli goldrich 17500 sunburst street northridge, california united states phone: [protected] elli goldrich 17500 sunburst street northridge, ca 91325 elli.[protected] [protected] "don't ever do business with eli goldrich of 17500 sunburst street at northridge california, she is a scam artist and writes bad checks all the time and has the nerve to ask for refunds even knowing her original check has bounced. eli goldrich is a terrible person eli continues her internet fraud on a daily basis watch out for her when she wants products shipped right away that is a dead giveaway to the scam. and always remember she is a condescending evil person.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Los Angeles, CAshe is also under investigation by local law enforcement for these activities. lets get her put in jail."
See c669686.html (last visited on april 1, 2017).
The above statement was apparently written and posted anonymously on your website by “how does it feel” on may 5, 2013.
my client is not a “scam artist”. she does not “write bad checks all the time”. she is not involved in “internet fraud on a daily basis” and she has never “been under investigation by law enforcement officials.” your anonymous author advises encourages your website’s readers to “get her put in jail.”
Each and all of these allegations are false, defamatory and fraudulent. if you do not remove this statement in its entirety from your website and all websites where you have disseminated the statement either directly or indirectly on or before may 26, 2017, my client will pursue any and all remedies against your company, and any persons or business entities who have derived any benefit or profit from the statement. please contact me immediately you refuse to remove the statement for any reason.
Very truly yours,
Law offices of david m. dushane
/s/ dmd
David m. dushane

May 12, 2017

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