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kory douglas L.M.P. / parental ailienation and unethical practice

1 Spokane, WA, United States

How do i put this ?
My son was taken by paster Doud 16 years ago and married behind my back against my wishes since then now my grandchidren have also been ailenated from our whole family, because of there daughters indescretions, (affairs, drugs, alcohol, fired for drugs and alcohol 4 times, steeling the kids trust money, that paster doud was telling everyone in the casino were he works was his to support the kids, pastor doud now has custody of our kids because of her indescretions and is calling all of are family low lifes even to my face at work. I could give you all the things these people do, they have people in the courts working for them on the resevation (Spokane Tribal Reservation) all family members in the court system lieing about everything, even trying to put a restraining order on me the grandmother because I was questioning Aimys (Ex-daughter inlaws growse text to me me at 2am in the morning and almost got fired because of paster douds saying i was harrassing him. I called the police for a welfare check for the children that morning, because my granddaughter was raped by aimys boyfreinds just weeks before this. Paster doud and his family believe they are holier than thow and can obviosley know they can get away with murder (basically) they have all the right people standing up for them and there junkies them selves. Joanne his wife was fired from the casino for the same thing (sleeping on the job) I know personley its drugs so does my son, he saw it all there fakes. Ther is so much more, we have pictures, emails, witnesses, texts, you name it we got it, our lawyers cant do any thing. I believe now my grand children are under parental alienation syndrome all for money.Paster Doud was kicked off the reservation before for trying to explote another young girl for her inheratance after her parents were killed in an accident. Now hes trying to do the same thing to my grandchildren. WE My son and I are hard working people and dont drink and drug. How do people like this get away with this?
Sincerly what do we do? Kory Douglas

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