IRG CEO Benefits Club / Insurance fraud

I signed up with CEO Benefits Club im March 2010. About 2 months into my new policy I get a call from an agent stating that CEO Benifits Club health insurance was not going to be sold in Arizona. When I tried to use the CEO Benifits at the end of May I was informed by the my Medical center that the phone numbers on the plan were disconnected. I called the Agent that sold me my newest plan and got mor information from him. He stated there was a Cease and Desist order in at east 16 states. Sure enough I typed in my search engine CEO Benifits Club Cease and sure enough there are many states that have done this against them. I have searched for days to find out where I can make a Claim and this is what I got...[protected]
[protected] will not answer question! Send claims to:
PO Box 171
Avon Lake OH. 44012 By Aug 27 2010
[protected] or
I have been told there is a class action Law suit against the company...but can't find it any where on the internet. But, I found this IRG is based in Pakistan and is a fraud. Hope all the Pakistanies that were involved in the scam have been drowned by the recent flooding, OOPS I shouldn't say things like that. This is the information I got from the Texas Cease and Desist Item #8 and the respondent is Theesa K Baudier Administrative Trustee and Nellson. If anyone out there has any information about a class action suit please let me know.

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