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1 11710 Plaza America Drive Ste 2000Reston, VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 703-779-3594

Some of the chain of Events (Below are the main points of the chain of events. This page would not be enough to list every single detail that incurred while dealing with them)

On or about 10/01/2012 we purchased a PinLess calling platform with various modules from Carrie Fedders at Reston, VA based IPsmarx office.

On or about 11/14/12 we returned the sign purchase agreement to Sandra Hojos Margraf in order to proceed with the installation,

On or about 11/16/12 we received a confirmation email from Maryam Farahinia of receipt of the signed agreement and of the work order system installation that will take between 7-10 business days with system panel team support ticket login info.

"Dear XXXX,

We have received your signed agreement. I have processed your installation work order and activated your support package. Installation usually takes between 7-10 business days once we are able to gain access to your server. You will be sent for a thorough training once everything is installed.

At IPsmarx, Technical Support is 100% ticket-based. Logging into the Technical Support Ticketing System is easy. Just click on the following link and enter your username and password as provided below:"

On or about same 11/16/12 we received another email from Maryam with a technical sheet attached for the configuration of the Apps per work order for the Android, iPhone but only mentioned the Android and iPhone but not the Blackberry.


This is regarding your recent order on Breeze Mobile VoIP Dialer. As you may know, you will need to provide our team with some information to upload the app for you. The locks will be enabled on your system and we can start the process as soon as we receive this information.

All the required data and the way to get them is explained in attached document. Please review it thoroughly and once you have all the information/data, please submit 2 separate tickets as follows:

1- Subject: Breeze Mobile VoIP Dialer for iPhone

2- Subject: Breeze Mobile VoIP Dialer for Android

Let me know if you have any questions.

Maryam Farahinia

Account Manager

IPsmarx Technology Inc. "

In order for them to proceed with the installation a USB Dongle was sent to the Server Company to be installed on our server.

On or about 11/16/12 same day we also received another email from Maryam with a technical sheet attached for the configuration of the Apps Android, iPhone but never mentioned the Blackberry which was included in contract.

On or about 11/26/12 we created the Apple and Android account and uploaded the Breeze customization form to the support panel with all logins and credentials info as requested.

On or about 11/29/12 we notified Maryam by forwarding the email received from our server company that the USB Dongle was successfully installed.

On or about 12/04/12 we received a message through ticket support from Technical team that they have successfully finalized the installation of our system.

On or about 12/5/2012 we advised them that Mobile Top Up was not installed as per contract line description 8 of contract. On that same day we also advised them that the Mobile Softphone application dialers (iPhone, Blackberry and Android as per contract line 7) was not delivered. Reference Support Ticket number 28859

On or about 12/07/2012 Sales Dept. created a ticket for the support team invoice 29318 to install Mobile Top Up as per contract. Throughout the whole month they never addressed the issue of the missing Mobile Softphone application dialers.

On or about 12/14/12 we contacted one of their recommended website designer people out in India Indus Net Technologies to migrate our existing website to the IPsmarx platform but it is worth noting that if you don't go with their recommended people they will not provide any support if something is wrong in the system. If you choose to go with your own people you have to pay them $1500 to certify that person then they will provide support if something goes wrong.

On or about 12/17/12 we made the partial payment to Indus Net to start the migration of the site and they promised to deliver it in 12 man days which cut us short of our official scheduled launching for the New Year. We then projected to officially launch for Valentine's Day which is also a Big Day reason being that our potential target customers use the calling system a lot to call their loved one overseas.

On or about 01/09/2013 Second Request on support ticket 29318 for the Mobile Softphones that were not delivered as per contract and that they kept ignoring despite our repeated requests. Same date we finally received a reply back after continuously writing to them throughout the whole month of December. In reply they were asking us to fill out the Customization Form in the support system panel with the needed credentials for Android and Apple. Still at that point they did not mention the Blackberry. The Customization Form they were requesting was uploaded in their system support panel over a month prior to their request but they claimed they did not realize that. They proceeded by sending us an Android App 36 days later after system installation but after installing it, we had been experiencing all kinds of problems from freezing, blank screen, no data in call log and most importantly 80 percent of the calls would not go through. We reported those problems within that same week and they advised that they were working on it and would get back to us the following week and when they did it was to tell us that they will have a new version that will address those issues and it would be released by January 23 but no update was ever received.

On or about 01/29/13. After various non-senses back and forth with Indus Company the site was finally delivered.

On or about 02/4/2013 Ticket number 30401 was opened by Andrea Lopez after meeting her a couple days prior at the Miami trade show where we readdressed all the issues we were facing: with Indus Net Technologies delaying the site migration by not being fully functional; Android app was not functional; iPhone and Blackberry apps were not delivered. Only then she advised us that they did not have the app for the Blackberry (but of course advertised as being available) when we reminded her that the core base of our market utilizes the Blackberry and it was the main reason we bought the system from them.

On or about 02/06/13 upon testing the site we then started to notice a few issues with the functionalities of the site which was reported to Indus Net Technologies and was taking forever to be fixed. This once again stopped us from launching for Valentine's Day.

On or about 02/20/2013 we placed another request for the Android app new version update we never received.

On or about 02/21/2013. They finally loaded the iPhone App on Apple store.

On or about 03/5/2013 they sent us the new version release of the Android that was going to supposedly address all the issues we were facing but same issues were present. The release did not address the problems but instead another problem arose: A weird whistle sound could be heard before any regular calls come through and various exchange followed in which they were asking same questions over and over demonstrating that they were trying to buy time.

On or about 02/12/13 when we thought everything was fine with the site we tried to proceed to a complete registration process then realizing that the registration couldn't be completed with a fatal error page message. We then once again reported it to Indus Net Technologies and from this point on, they never replied to us.

We then decided to look into the coding of the site comparing it to the default website page provided by IPsmarx we started to realize there were a few vital codes missing to execute the registration process. We placed the missing codes back to the page and everything was working fine.

On or about 03/14/13 we finally received a reply back from Indus Net Technologies asking us to grant them access to the server which we had revoked.

On or about 03/15/2013 Apple denied the app for exhibiting bugs (specifically, the app fails to complete a call and prompts with an error message) and confusing similarity. A week later it was again uploaded to the Apple store and was again denied for the same reason.

Please note contrary to Android where you can upload any App files, iPhone team actually test the loaded file for functionality and bug free before releasing it to the community.

On or about 04/15/2013 we wrote to IPsmarx explaining to them that they were engaged in False advertisement and that we had been more than patient and that 4 months had elapsed and we still did not have a fully functional system that as per contract was supposed to be fully delivered within 7-10 days after server access was granted meaning 12/04/12. We went on advising them that we were still not able to function and that unless they fix all the issues by month end we expected a full refund. Meanwhile we had absolutely no feedback or news from Carrie Fedders the Sales Manager whom we made sure to forward all the mails to.

On or about 04/16/2013 we received an e-mail from Support Team advising us that they have forwarded our concerns to Management and that we will be contacted within 24 hours which to date never happened.

On or about 04/21/2013 the iPhone App was finally developed and uploaded and was pending for review from Apple. That same date they sent a new version of the Android App but the file to be downloaded could not be downloaded with error message *Parse Error - “There is a problem parsing the package".

On or about 04/26/2013 Apple store approved the App. we downloaded it on different iPhones and noticed it was missing some features as advertised such as being able to recharge the account within the app, check calling rates ect...

On or about 04/28/2013 we received a message from support requesting Google Play credentials to upload the Android App files to the market place.

On or about 05/03/2013 they finally loaded a working Android app.

On or about 05/16/13 we sent a certified 10-Day demand letter to IPsmarx for a full refund due to Breach of Contract, Fraud & Deceit Claims. The letter was delivered on or about 05/18/13.

On 05/27/13 we received a message from Andrew requesting a call back. Not sure if this was the call we were expecting from management as per support since 24 hours from 04/16/13, we replied to him through email acknowledging the call by letting him know that it was way too late for the call if it was to fix all their wrongdoing.

On 05/31/13 in an attempt for intimidation a letter from their Counsel in Virginia was received. advising that their Client take threat seriously (referring to posting our experience online) and denied that their client ever received any trouble ticket identifying our issues in other words denying all wrongdoing of their Client further claiming that there was only one complaint against their Client’s Company. Overall, Counsel was advising that IPsmarx was only willing to discuss a partial refund for the Blackberry app that they sold and was “Discontinued”. Their other alternative or option was to offer us a new solution for Blackberry’s new operating system when it is available sometimes this year. For the info, we have clearly indicated to IPsmarx from the onset that our targeted clientele mostly uses Blackberry. In addition Counsel for IPsmarx reminded us posting “false” information about a company’s product is defamatory and any person publishing such info can be sued. The key word is “false”. I think we have enough evidence to prove to any Court that we are not defaming but rather putting the truth out there.

Discontinued….. If such App were existent and working there would absolutely be no reason not to deliver it to a client as per contract. If as they indicated it was available but discontinued why was it discontinued? When was it discontinued? and why wasn't it mentioned to us at time of purchase? It clearly indicates to us that they wanted to close the deal and buy time to develop the applications as they did for the Android and the iPhone.

Yes, Blackberry is currently working on a new system to merge its platform with Android and iPhone but I will point out that Blackberry is still existent in the market. If indeed IPsmarx's application for the Blackberry was truly developed and tested and therefore existent there should absolutely be no problem to deliver it as promised. Why is it that all their competitors still have the Blackberry App available in the market and not "Discontinued"?

We had to pay for the system right away back in November 2012. At that time nothing was ever mentioned to us that we had to beg and wait 4 months to receive 2 working apps Android, iPhone and X amount of months for a so called “Discontinued” Blackberry but we could not wait to pay “later this year”. Additionally, we received numerous calls from their Account Manager, Mrs Carrie Fedders, trying to track the payment but we could not get a hold of anyone when it was time to discuss the issues we were facing.

To date 06/06/13 we still haven’t received the most important Mobile Softphone application for Blackberry which once more prevents us from launching our company on May 18 at one of the biggest events where the greatest clientele base would participate.

At this point, we are left with no other choice then to request a full refund. After these past 5 to 6 months experience with IPsmarx, and after reading a few other similar complaints from other buyers we came to the conclusion that clearly IPsmarx’s Company is engaged in false advertisement with intent to deceive the buyers. They are advertising all over the net starting on their blogs where they are claiming to have fully developed the “Breeze” Mobile Softphones either for the Android, iPhone and Blackberry. The fact is that they are either non-operational or non-existent and they are not even capable of resolving their own system minor issues. Additionally even if we wanted to try to resolve the issues on our hand, we are unable to hire a third party to fix the problems because the main functionalities are hidden behind codes. Furthermore even if you succeed as per contract they can refuse further support even though we have experienced a fragrant lack of support throughout these past months.

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Jun 10, 2013

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