Hestelia Myburghdefy toploader washing machine dtl148

H Nov 20, 2017

Good day
I need to mention the following I bought a Defy Toploader washing machine DTL148 at Parsons on 2 August 2017 receipt no 19125.(Very happy customer and satisfied) On 13 November I logged an error code at Parsons Kimberley for my washing machine had an error code E5.  This was unexpected  for I have used my machine on Friday without any problems or error codes.  On 17 November a technician opened my washing machine on the top and we discovered that some of the wires was missing and some pipe as well.  We immediately realized that this was due to rats for there was some droppings visible.  As we opened the back we could see knibblings on some of the wires.  This was a shock to me when the technician also mentioned that I have no guarentee anymore due to the damages caused by the rats.  Then I realized that my sister in law mentioned a protection board that she received with purchasing her Samsung washing machine.  I wondered why Defy did not included something simular to this for rats, mice and etc.
I further want to mention that I am or was really satisfied with my Defy washing machine it is just a concern that I have spend R4400 and now I have no use of the machine and no value for my money after 2 months.  Please assist or help me in this matter for it is a great financial loss to me.  Hope to hear from you soon.
Hestelia Myburgh

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