DJI SeaSkymavic pro drone order [protected]

Supplied drone defective. Returned to seasky but they will not replace or refund. Cost to me so far €685 + 190 customs.
Very unsatisfactory and costly service.
On first flight drone crashed. Flight data sent to DJI...they acknowledged "non pilot" problem and advised return to supplier for replacement as guarantee was for mainland China only.
I have endeavored to return drone to Edward Chung of SeaSky but drone retained at customs. I have informed mr Chung of this and provided the customs phone number. I placed value of €35 on package (mr Chang asked for value of $30)
To my knowledge he has not obtained drone yet? I am now without drone replacement or refund and he has made no proposal as to how the issue can be resolved.
I am therefore complaining to you and hoping the matter can be resolved. Please note time is passing and apart from DJI recognizing that the device was defective no progress has been made. Why sell products internationally with China only guarantees!
Please email me if further information or evidence is required.

Aug 26, 2018

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