County Proflame / Customer Service

1 Alpine, CA, United States

I have been a customer of this company for 14 years. Over the years, they have hired many different office staff and personnel. For the past 2 years, I have dealt with a woman who I will refer to as "L" who works in the office and has been nothing but unprofessional. Each month, I am to fax in my meter reading. It seems each month, she claims she didn't get in and several times has sent me a letter stating she was going to have my gas shut off. She dosen't realize fax machines print out fax confirmation receipts. She has told her supervisors I do not have a contact phone number to be reached (never mind this company has called me at work (where I have been for 18 years) and on my cell numberous times PRIOR to her arrival. A few years back, their driver was filling up my propane tank and upon explicit instructions to keep the gate to my property closed AT ALL TIMES, he left the gate opened and my dog ran out and was hit by a car and killed. I didn't even so mucn get a "We are sorry" letter. Recently, with this most recent woman in the office, we have had words many times over her lying about my meter readings. I got a letter in the mail from this woman telling me to quit sending in my meter readings because I now have to pay $1, 000 for all of the gas in my tanks. When I called her, she initially refused to let me speak to her supervisor and when I finally did, I could tell she was not going to "supervise" her staff as obviously they were friends. This company is unprofessional and should not be in the customer service business since they have no customer service. They act like a bunch of teenagers running an arcade. They have no regard for their customers and seemingly operate on personal emotions rather than their written contracts. I have no idea why Amerigas bought them out. If this woman who "runs" their office worked for me, I would have fired her and the supervisor a long time ago. If Amerigas indeed has bought our County Proflame, I would suggest they come in and get rid of that office staff and start over. While they certainly won't be able to bring back the customers they have loss, the might be able to hang onto the ones they currenlty have.


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