Brock Mosher/Vance Peyton Miller / Brock Mosher/Vance Peyton Miller

I noticed that there are several complaints posted on the internet about Vance Peyton Miller on both /link removed/ this site and many others.

I have creditors calling my house every single day for this person. They ask for Vance P Miller, Vance Peyton, Vance Peyton Miller and now Brock Mosher which is his latest alias. That is his sons first name, and his mothers maiden name. He is posing as a talent agent (as always, even though he never was one) using this new fake name, to cover his true identity, since he has an awful reputation, and is well-aware of the fact that noone would go anywhere near him if they knew who he was, and all the horrible things he has done to people over the years.

From what I am told - he is now hiding out in Culver City.

I have nothing to do with this man and have not for several years. Once I figured out Advance LA was a money laundering service and that he was stealing and lying to people, parents and children, I gave my resignation.

His cell is [protected].

Good luck tracking him down - but be careful. He is desperate and will go to any length to protect his lies. If you bump into him - call the cops right away!

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