Amplify Management Inc. / Misleading position, dishonest company

1 7800 Southland Blvd #150, Orlando, FL 32809, Orlando, FL, US
Contact information:
Phone: (407) 704-1256

They exaggerated everything from the promise of earring a six figure income to the mantra of work hard now and benefit later. They promised the world if you just put in the hours and work but it's all smoke and mirrors, and you will only work yourself into debt. I was naïve and they exploited my commitment and dedication. They say that working 11-14 hours a day is the only way to success and anything less and you are not cut out for the job. This is not normal, and you do not benefit from it! You are required to go to the office every day and then drive out into the field which could be as far as 60 miles away, then you have to break down your day or participate in one on ones. You will have no time left over to do anything and are expected to sacrifice copious amounts of unpaid time to the business for your supposed advancement. I like many others went into debt because of this job. Some days I paid more in gas and travel expenses than I earned that day, but I kept at it because I wanted to open my own office. I found out later than you never actually own an office, you only get the opportunity to open one, but in no way are you the real owner. You are the glorified manager. And you will not be making six figures, you will be lucky if you can even keep all your expenses covered. Most of these offices shut down soon after opening. They want you to think you can make millions, but really you only get to be a glorified manager and are left struggling to hire new employees daily because the turn over is so high. I am only writing because I want to help anyone considering working there out. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life hiring people to sell pillows at big box stores?

  • Updated by Orlandoemployee, Dec 03, 2016

    They are also changing their name to Amp Exposure, Inc. Nothing about the company is changing though. Companies like Amp Exposure change their names to dodge bad reviews. They can only stay in business by limiting information about how they operate. Nobody would ever agree to work there if they knew how soul sucking it is.

Nov 25, 2016

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