American Swiss The Grove Mall — service

I am very upset with America Swiss at the Grove Mall in Pretoria, I had a terrible experience with their service. On the 12 of November 2018 I gave in my engagement ring to be cleaned and rhodium plated for my wedding in 3 weeks. But hadn't received a call as to the cost involved when my slip said I would be contacted and my ring will be completed by the 25th of November, however no one called me until I contacted head office in Cape Town, I explained to them that no one has contacted me about the whereabouts of my ring, I also mentioned the day I handed it in that the lady at the store dropped it, dropping the ring doesn't damage the diamonds but scratches the ring which is not on. Finally when someone called me on Tuesday the 27th November I was informed that my ring will be ready for collection. No time was given either. So I called again on the Wednesday stating I want my ring a guy answered and said the courier has just arrived I will receive a call ASAP. However I received a call from a lady telling me she's waiting for the courier to arrive, so someone was lying about the where my engagement ring was. After that I called again after 20 mins, asking where my ring is and the guy said someone was to call saying I can come and collect. Which I did, the ring looks great but the service is horrible. And on top of all the lies and deceit I had to pay R483.00 for the service. Which was totally unfair with the bad service I received. I'm highly disappointed with them and will rather take my money elsewhere. Service taking long this time of year is understandable, but blatantly lying to a person is unacceptable!

Nov 28, 2018

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