1-800-540-5729 Fab USA Customer Servicecustomer service unethical behavior

I love the products off Fab USA, but you better hope you don't have an issue with your item where you have to call their customer support office...they are very rude and unprofessional. They must not record their phone calls. I spoke to La Quita, and she was very rude and aggressive; didn't allow me to explain fully why i was calling. I simply didn't receive my package as the tracking number stated i did. Asked her if i could speak with a manager...she was the manager!!! Yikes! Very unprofessional and never did she apologize for me not receiving my product. She said she would send out another one. Asked her for a confirmation# that she is resending, she said she would send an email...Since i never got the email, i had to call back and this time i got a Sarah on the phone who was just plain rude too. She never repeated the customer# back to me and ended up pulling up someone elses order and giving me their address and trying to tell me, "you just placed the order on 12/6 and is still in transit"...I said no mam, it was already delivered and i did not receive it, that's, my purpose in calling the 1st time and explained to her why i called back to make sure the 1st conf# email was sent after talking to La Quita. She was off by one # with my order # and didn't even apologize for that unnecessary spew. Customer # Fabusa00415859

Dec 11, 2018

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