Cinnabon Reno NVcinnabon

I ordered 3 separate Cinnabon's not heated. I ride a motorcycle and the saddle bags are only wide enough to to hold individual Cinnabon's. Unfortunately I didn't look in the box before leaving and failed to ask for more frosting as one gets when you buy a box of 4 or 6. I did ask once before if I could buy 4 at the box price but was told no so this time I just purchased 3 because I had other packages from the mall so no extra room. Anyway as you can see the frosting is minimal and after warming up was not anywhere near your standards. I did call and spoke to the Mgr, she said she remembered me and when I told her my dissatisfaction in not adding extra frosting for after heating she said she made sure to put extra on the rolls, well you can see in the picture there's not extra. I'm in the service industry and I make sure if I have a guest complaint I let my guest express their issue and at no time make them feel like they're being an inconvenience or their issue was insignificant. That's how I felt and said don't worry about it she said ok and now I'm communicating my dissatisfaction to you. Note, the picture is before I heated it..

Cinnabon Reno NV

Oct 05, 2019

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