Christus Spohn Hospital Shorelineer department

On October 7, I took my husband to the CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Shoreline. He had TIA symptoms. He has already had a mild stroke last year so we were very concerned. We arrived at about 5 pm. He was triaged and tests were done. His pressure was 217/99. After the tests we were sent back to the lobby...for 7 hours. We asked a couple of times when he would be seen. His pressure was not taken during that time. Finally at midnight we asked again and were told that they didn't know when he would be seen. We just wanted to know the results of the CT scan and blood tests. Even knowing his symptoms and history, he still was not seen. They were very nonchalant when he told them he was leaving. Even at that, they said they still didn't know when he would be seen. We walked out of there angry, upset and so very disappointed. I am just grateful that he didn't suffer a stroke while waiting. NEVER NEVER again will i take him there and I certainly do not recommend this hospital. Since then I have heard some horror stories regarding this hospital.

Oct 08, 2019

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