Cal FinderI learned my lesson, buyer beware


In my opinion the company has terrible service, I read the companies contract. Which in my opinion is filled with fine print that all but says they can and will charge your credit card for services. In our case we didn't authorize the charges, in fact we placed our account on PERMANENT hold. They continued to charge our credit card. We tried to cancel the service on several occasions. We wrote letters, sent emails, and even spoke to the owner of the company Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski. Who did absolutely nothing. He said to bad take it up with the credit card company, good luck our contract will win was told to me by one of the account representatives.

The amount was not some thing that would make or break me, it was under $1, 000.00

I am writing this complaint to warn other companies to think long and hard before signing anything that allows a Calfinder to charge your credit card with NO LIMITS.

We had to cancel our credit card to finally stop the charges.

Anyone and everyone that asks me about my experience with CalFinder and Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski. I'd tell them not to ever use them, my experience was horrible and friends of mine personally know Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski.

Which is why I trusted him, I learned my lesson buyer beware!

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