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C Feb 02, 2020

My name is Charlie Rungol from Papau New Guinea

I followed a loan offer advertisement on facebook. I tap on and I person by the name of Sandrine Couedelo Pinault introduced herself as Managing director of AXA bank. She said the bank can offer me loan. She asked me to pay K750 to Bank South Pacific, which I did to get me registered on AXA bank and insurance customers page, as I was told. Then I paid K550 to get insurance cover. I was also told to pay K850 for AXA bank to transfer K500 000.00 (five hundred thousand kina) to my bank account in 40 minutes. She then asked me to pay K1200 to activate the money in my account. I paid K1200 after a week. After the payment of K1200, she said K500 000 got block and want me to pay K2800 for Axa bank fees account creation. I stopped with fustration, and here I am to check with you to investigation for me.

The question is;
Is she working for Axa bank? Shall the continue with the process?

Our conversation started on the the 09th of January 2020, and ended on the 1st of February.

I contacted with her, first through facebook messenger then she asked to switch to AXA bank number on whtasApp that is [protected]

Thank you

Hope to hear from you

payment not received
payment not received
payment not received
payment not received

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