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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Alnour Jewelry - False Advertising and Fraud!

Alnour Jewelry and Top Dollar 4 Gold are scammers!

They committed False Advertising and Fraud! It occurred on or about March 10, 2010.

They are currently advertising in the Pennysaver and online that they will pay a minimum of $24 per gram for 10k-14k gold.
I called to verify this before I drove over to their Anaheim location. I spoke with a woman that said, "Yes, it is true ... bring your gold to us and we will give you cash on the spot!"

So, I drove a half hour to their store located at 864 S. Brookhurst in Anaheim, CA. with my 95 grams of gold. I had heavy chains, rings, and 1 pendant. All had been acid tested by 3 different jewelers and electronically assayed by a gold refiner to verify the gold content. I had 82.6 grams of 14k and 12.4 grams of 10K.

I got to the store and a woman let me in. She was very pleasant and asked me to wait for a moment while she called for the 'appraiser' to come, as he was next door. Within a couple minutes, a middle eastern looking guy, probably the owner, Mohammad Aboabdor, appeared.(He didn't tell me his name). He weighed my gold - total 95 grams, then he did some calculations, tore off the calculator tape, showed it to me and said, "I'll offer you somewhere between about $1300 to $1700, depending on how much 14k you have and how it tests out. I said, "It's all been tested and verified! You are advertising that you will pay $24 per gram for 10k - 14k, so why such a low offer?" He replied with a rude attitude, "that's my offer, take it or leave it, bud!" Then, he turned his back to me and walked to the back room and sat down at a desk about 10 feet away from me. I said, "but wait, 95 times $24 is $2, 280 and your offer is much lower than that, so are you saying that you don't really pay $24 per gram ... isn't that false advertising?" With that he got very angry and told me that he would not even buy my gold and to get out of his store immediately! Just then, a couple came in as I was heading towards the door, he came out of the back room to the back of the jewelry case and said, "I have the right to refuse service and I'm refusing to do business with you, now get out of my store!" With that I left.

So, the bottom line is that they are NOT paying $24 per gram as advertised and when I called him on it, he got angry and threw me out of his store!

this mohamed is a con man and he made all his money by burning out his car audio stores one after an other and claiming from the insurance company, he has been investigated by the police several times, i advice every to report him to the authority .


I saw Alnour Jewelry add in the pennysaver. I sent my wife down there with our gold. We were supposed to get 37 dollars a gram. It did not come close to that. I went there to complane and the man behind the counter was rude and mean. He is a real jerk. They lie about the price in their add. Do not go there. You will get ripped off by a jerk.

I went into alnour jewelry with 38 bullion rounds and a bag of 90% junk silver. Their advertised price was $40 in the pennysaver and $45/oz outside their store. Anyways, I walked in the store with a friend and the short subby fat creepy mustached middle eastern dude did not acknowledge us and ignored us for a good 5 minutes. He walked out and told me to take everything out of the packages (which literally took 4 seconds) and walked away back to his computer. He then came back another 5 minutes later, and started weighing my items, never once being nice or showing any sign of wanting to help me, very awkward. He then offers me CONSIDERABLY lower than 40/oz for my junk silver and about 38/oz for my bullion. I asked why he's paying less than spot for my junk silver if he's advertising 40/oz? He quickly replied to "go look at another shop and if you find a better deal take it" in a super super rude impolite manner. I walked out and walked back in less than ONE MINUTE later. Someone was infront of me at this time and the bald fat POS did not ask, he screamed to come back in one hour, which I complied with. When I came back in one hour, there was 2 more people waiting inside, so I went home and waited a couple hours. When I drove back ( 15 miles away again ) I walked in to another guy behind the counter helping someone. As I was waiting the POS fat pathetic rude middle eastern virgin walks in with food and straight to the back. He walks out to help me and immediately starts shouting at me!" I told u to go check somewhere else first! I don't want your silver I told you to leave! I swear to god himself, I did NOTHING wrong amd never once raised my voice and killed them with kindness. Hamburgers, or maybe a buddah statue would be better luck to use with them. Horrible experience with low life human beings. DON'T do business here. NOONE


worse customer service ever!The guy that runs this place
treats you like if you are a piece of crap...He is RUDE! I waited for about 10 minutes before this guy can acknowledge me. Finally this
bald, angry Middle Eastern man get out of his chair, and asked me something but i coulnd understand because his english is not so good.
so i asked, can you repeat that again please. he just looks at me and yells at me JUST LEAVE BECAUSE I DONT HAVE TIME FOR YOU TODAY!
I was in shock! mind you i had my 2 children with me. So i didnt wanted to make a big deal, i just said to my kids lets go. when i was walking out the door he yells at me loose some weight! obviously he is not looking at him self. He is over 200 pounds...i just walked away and i try to called the general manager for this place and guess what it was him! THIS PLACE IS A TOTAL FRAUD...

Jun 24, 2011

I just went a while ago to take some heavy bracelets I went with my husband.There was an old man in front of us he took Alot of gold heavy bracelets and even gold cup the man middle eastern who worked at the store was extremely rude! The old man yelled at him and told him you thiefs get your adds of and he left.My husband told him how much would you give me for our bracletes and he said did I ask you I can help you yet!We got very upset and just left, it wasn't worth my time to argue with a scamer.And I called once I got home and the girl said let me trasnfer you to my boss he was extremely rude ### well and yelling at me he said I'm not trying to figure things out etc..tell your husband to call and ask and I will tell him the problem?realy what problem unless he's the rude one being rude to people and he asked what did the guy who was helping you looked like I said he look middle eastern and he got angry and said i didn't ask what race and there is no man with that description here at brookhurts and ball road Anaheim.What a lie I was there jerks!they do fraud and impossible they will pay for your gas lmao come on...everyone please report them on pennysaver they shouldn't even have a business hope they go broke rude ### unbisness people!

Total SCAMMERS! I drove my mom always up to their store to sell some jewelry she didn't wear anymore. The Wetter (Angel) first took her Cameo and broke it and then bent the hell out of it! Told her it wasn't gold (it was another shop said it was 14k) and the idiot takes a file out and files grooves into he jewelry. At for they were paying her $1200 and then when they screw up your stuff they offer you $700. When I got involved I was thrown out of the store...I did get mom out of there!

DON"T BELIEVE THEIR BS ADS! They advertise $40 an oz for silver and it is under $35...

Thank You sooo much for all the input . I thought it was to good to be true and just to think I almost took my gold there! Probably would have ended up leaving out of there in Cuffs too. I HATE lairs and thefts!

Mar 17, 2011

They are truely fraud.I had avery bad experience with them.I will not recommend to anybody. He is a big Fraud and he has two untrained /unprofessional/mercyless (No words to describe better) guys to damage the gold in the name of testing the gold.I would strongly recommend not to do business with these greedy and useless and mercyless people.Allah will not save him for long.

AL NOUR JEWELRY-A FRAUD falsifying advertisement! They tried to rip me off, the ARAB said my gold was a less karat then 14k. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM JEWELER ARABS? The place looks like it is going out of business with no jewelry.

So tired of scammers. I almost mailed my gold to them. I did find a small company in Alabama. They paid me $700 for 50 grams of 14K Gold . They were so nice and mailed me a money order from the post office. That saved me from looking for a bank that would not hold a out of state check, Since they can be cashed at any post office. I would recommend them to anyone. They are Good Luck.

I can totally relate! I had the same experience with this rude want to be business man. The girl told me it would be worth my drive to come from Rancho Cucamonga on a weekday in heavy traffic to sell them my gold. She said they would pay me $28 a gram for my 19.5 grams of 18k (750) Italian gold. I said "This is the flat out the door price you will pay me, right?" She assured me "That's what I just said $28 per gram for 18k." When my wife and I went in the girl was at the desk with the "Man in question" looking over her shoulder. I said "I think I spoke to you on the phone?" He stopped me in mid sentence and asked me what I wanted? I said I was told I would be able to get $28 a gram for my gold? He rudely said "What do you have?" No greeting of any kind. When my wife, who was holding our 18mo old baby took a second to find the box in her purse he said "you don't have any gold then?" I said "she has it, give her a minute." To that he smirked and rolled his eyes. She handed him the box and he loudly said "whats inside?" I took it out of his hand and opened it reluctantly giving him the cross and chain. All along I thought this might just be a friendly bit of banter? I was wrong! He then did the calculation thing and gave me an estimate ticket with $350 and said this your estimate only. It may be less if it's not really 18k? So, I said "thats not $28 a gram. That would be $546 as we figured before we decided to drive that far. He said thats what he is offering take it or leave it? All I know is that this guy is so full of false advertisement it's ridiculous! Why he cant just be honest and say he pays the same as all the other crooks is crazy? There is only one place I know of that pays top dollar honestly. Since I am truly not affiliated with them I will let you find them on your own. I will only give you a clue. They are located in Torrence. I bring all my scrap there and they do pay enough more to make it worth my driving that far. I hope Alnour gets what he has coming to him! Karma will find him soon!

I contacted them by phone. they wanted pictures. I sent the pictures of the Gold on scales. I told them it has all been tested and weighed. Now they want talk to me after the last call i made when they yelled at me. I have reported them and will be spreading the word they are fakes.

Have you looked at the prices on the web site they now say $28 a gram and $25+ an OZ for Silver . What a joke, NO one can pay that.

Please share your stories with PennysaverUSA. It seems that this is where most of their business comes from, and maybe we can help others avoid this scam.

Share your stories at this site

I had a similar experience at this store. The man working, Muhammad, was very rude. He also tried to tell me that my gold was only 10k when in fact it was 14k. Then after I questioned him, he told me he didn't want my gold anyway. One thing that I noticed, before testing my gold, he switched bottles of acid, even though the girl in front of me had 14k gold as well. I didn't understand why he had to use a different bottle, if we both had the same gold. I think he was totally trying to scam me. I mean, here I am, selling something that was my grandmothers, to buy milk and diapers, and the jerk is trying to pull one on me.

Aug 21, 2010

Use your common sense people. NO ONE can pay you more than gold is worth. These guys are the rudest people in the world...Get this in their penny saver ad. They post that grams are more than penny weights...An outright lie... A penny weight is 1.55 grams. So which is more one gram or 1.55 grams (which is a penny weight). I have nothing against middle eastern men but this guy is a REAL a-hole...So get your quote on the phone, then if you like WASTING your time and being called names, go see them...There are tons of buyers who offer an honest and nice experience.


This sounds identical to when I went to sell silver. He had confirmed price by e-mail and pnone
prior to me driving 20 miles. When I got there he came out looking very unhappy with a
big chip on his shoulder. He did not introduce himself or show any common courtesies. He
looked at my silver and quoted me 1/3 of the price he had given me. When I questioned him
he began to fight with me and be very insulting. He said I have the right to refuse to do
business with you. I said, Why? He said he did not like me questioning him. He then threw
me out. He does false advertising under different names and hopes he can confuse you when
you get there. When he realizes he can't he gets very angry. I was happy to be out of
his store. Don't go there and put up with the abuse.


This is the deal after speaking to our good friends at the Anaheim Police Dept regarding this situation we understand that your personal info is available to us...also they recomend me to file a police report and get a restraining order on you..which means you go to jail for contacting us directly, indirectly, 3rd party, email, seen near any of our businesses
etc..another example how you were calling our store nonstop and harrassing us..I think you understand...further we explained to you clearly our price of 24.00 A GRAM is for our customers ONLY not for PAWNSHOP OWNERS like your self..I can understand your frustration since you can't compete with our price but fortunately we have the right to choose our customers.I dont know if your going to admit to your position of owner of your little shop in h.b or we have to tell the owner of your business the situation and see if he would like a taste of his own medicine...this our only way to contact you to give you this professional message for now.STOP HARRASSING US IMMEDIATELY OR WE WILL PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP!

Oh yes, I'M VERY SURE! In fact, about 10 days later I happened to be going to the Riverside area, so I took my 95 grams of gold to see if things would be different at that store. They were not! In fact, the store is virtually empty and the early 20's middle-eastern guy there offered me only $1, 137.00! When he showed me the calulator tape and I asked him the details of the breakdown I noticed that he had taken my 14k weight times 50% - I asked him about that - he said, "that is the actual pure gold content". Umm, excuse me, but 14K is actually 58.5% pure gold! He also lowballed the 10K content. When I questioned him about the $24 per gram for 10K-14K advertised, he said that they were paying that based upon the "pure gold" content. I said, "That's not what the ad says in the Pennysaver!"
He became flustered and said, "Hey, I'm just doing what I was told!" I responded, "So, do you work for Mohammad?" ... even more flustered, he asked, "What's this regarding"?
That was enough proof for me to know that he was! I took my gold and left. As I was getting into my car, I saw that he had come out of the store to watch me and was on his cell phone - most likely calling Mohammad to report what had just happened. Perhaps they're a bit nervous about getting busted for FALSE ADVERTISING and FRAUD!

Alcoa, Jerry, and Marry are obviously SHILLS from Alnour Jewelry / Top Dollar 4 Gold!

It's quite a coincidence that Alcoa and Jerry signed up on April 4th, which happened to be the same day that I forwarded this complaintsboard link to Alnour through their website comment box!

I'd say that they are the same person that signed up under two different usernames. You notice that Alcoa listed "Corona, Ca" in their profile, but Jerry didn't list a city! And the fact that all 3 of them only signed up to comment about this complaint and give plus votes are pretty strong clues that they are SHILLS!

Apr 06, 2010


Apr 04, 2010

My friend Alcoa called me and told me about this site, and honestly I think "inplay11111" was trying to scam them and they caught him. They paid me 24 a gram for my gold (and it was 10kt) plus whenever I sell them gold they give me gas money to. So I don't see why they would pay me and my friends 24 a gram and nobody else.

Apr 04, 2010

Actually I went to alnour jewelry they paid me 24.00 a gram for my 14k and 10 karat also had some 24k they gave me 35.00 a gram I could not find anyone to match it...they definately test it to make sure..I DONT BLAME them there is alot of fake gold out there I am very happy with them plus they will give you a free estimate if you like the deal you do it...

They do not pay what they advertise. They do not pay what they say on the phone. They tell you a great price, and you agree. Then they test the gold (which damages the gold) and then give you a much lower price. It is not possible for them to pay $24 per gram for 10K gold. Today's market is only $14 per gram for 10K. There is noway they will pay 140% more than the market price. ALNOUR = SCAM

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