8417 N US Highway 287 Alvord, TX 76225 United Statesburger king : over charged / over cooked food

M Aug 06, 2018

Ok My family and I stopped at this Burger King around 2:30pm yesterday. 8/5/18. We ordered 2 orders of chicken fries that was over cooked. My son ordered a chicken sandwich off the dollar menu. We got the $5.45 Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Over charged and I believe that they had this extra sandwich to get rid of. It all tasted like if it was sitting out for hours. A cheeseburger off the dollar menu and it was cold. Oh the only thing that was good was the chicken nuggets.
Note: we been traveling all day and by time we opened the Burger King Bag . And got ready to eat some good food. We where already driving and I was not turning around. What a disappointment I mean a big disappointment. Also about 45 min after we ate. My son and I was getting a stomach ache.
Now you know what happened What is Burger King Going to do about this.

I am Mike Baranski
1101 VZ County Rd 2132
Canton Texas 75103

Burger King at a gas station.
8417 N US Highway 287
Alvord, TX 76225
United States

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