Sales representative - Jhona rica / service

1 Al barsha, United Arab Emirates

First of all one lady has kept all the products on the billing counter and disappeared for few minutes and later when our turn to came for billing, we were keeping our belongings on the counter and suddenly this lady appeared and said she has already kept her things on the counter and it's her turn for billing.. instead of apologying for her mistake she was arguing and so called sales representative of your branch "Jhona rica" was supporting her... it's not a matter of waiting for 5-10minutes more..
It's just matter of culture and respecting other customers..when she released that we are gonna complain against her she called her colleague and spoke in her mother tongue so that we should not go and complain against her and she can cover up there..and main thing She has no right to say just it's over madam and finished madam..
Just teach her how respect other customers too.. I hope you guys understand the value of your customer... make sure samething will not repeat again..

Apr 12, 2019

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