Resolved Old-Growth Again Restoration ForestryCollapsed roof of Gazebo

The roof of the gazebo collapsed. But the problems of the gazebo started from the beginning and Old-Growth and Raul F. Hernandez, CEO of the merchant, refused to address those problems throughout the process. The collapsed roof is caused by the structural failure due to the incorrect design and insufficient structural support to secure the roof given the lower roof pitch -- which Raul also admitted in his email to me that it is his fault. Moreover, the water leakage, since the beginning, on the roof caused by the improper installation of the wood shingles & rain/moisture caused the wood to expand and wrap further and weaken the structural integrity of the roof.

Since the collapse of the roof, I have three licensed contractors came to assess the problems. All three of them claimed that the collapse was caused by poor workmanship and design to secure the structure of the roof and also the incorrect installment of the wood shingles on the roof cause water leakage that damaged the wood underlie the roof to further weaken the structure. If the work was done properly, it would not leak nor popped out and should be able to walk on it for repair/maintenance.

I complained the water leakage problems from day one because it failed the water test. They didn't fix the problem and the water leakage persisted. The contractor didn't complete all the items in contract. The contractor refused to service and repair the water leakage and roof structure problems until it collapsed and blamed me for walking on the roof to cover it with a tarp to prevent leakage during the heavy rain season.

How can such irresponsible company exist and continue to do business in US.


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