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Executive Tour and Travel Services, Inc.  -  "free" vacation scam

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Very upset and disappointed!
Spinnaker resorts entices you with the gimmick of these vacations when you listen to one of the sales pitches. The certificates for the free vacations are through ettsi. You have to pay $50 for each certificate to activate it and when you can finally get a 3day 2night approved (After 2 or 3 attempts) then you have to pay another $49.24 "balance due" on the so called free vacation. I was given two certificates and then was told I could only use one because my income was not enough to suffice having two and I did not qualify for tour. So the $50 I paid is gone and they will not refund me money or allow me to use the $50 on the "balance due". They were very rude and sharply spoken with no respect when I asked questions about the $50.
I will never do this again; it is a real hoax on both entities, spinnkaer and ettsi. Very disappointed.!

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