US Appliance, LG LDE3035ST LG 6.7 Cu. Ft. Capacity Electric Double Oven RangeDeceving Tactic To Entice Unsuspecting Buyers

During the December 2014 holiday season my wife and I decided to purchase a replacement electric range for our home. We search various stores like Home Depot, Best Buy, and Sears just to name a few. After a long drawn out search we found the product we wanted to purchase at the price point we were happy with. The company website provided the lowest price, but also included free delivery. We immediately made the purchase. According to the email response we received after placing the order the unit was suppose to take anywhere between 1-3 weeks for delivery. Three weeks into the purchase we had not received any updates and decided to contact the store. We where transfer to a represented that proceeded to tell us that the appliance we order was still pending? He went on to say that they had not received any updates from the manufacturer??? LG, again????. What does that have to do with me I said to myself. The representative stated that LG was not responding to there inquiries...again what does that have to do with me???. The rep went on to say in a sort of sarcastic way that they don't charge the consumer until the merchandise is received and shipped. I had not check my account because I had been so busy. Later on during the day I got a email from the same individual stating that LG emailed them and said it was going to be another 7-10 days before they received the range? Incredible to thought to myself? I immediately check my credit card and long and behold there was a charge for the exact amount they said I would be charged when I made the purchase. I emailed the rep back and demanded to cancel the order and refund me for lying. The morale of the story no one should deal with companies that lack morals. Just telling the truth would have been fine. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is!

Jan 08, 2015

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