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Unethical behaviour

I orders glasses on 06/30/2016. They examined my glasses that I had on and told me the prescription . After...


Purchased two pair of glasses with anti-streak etc and was concerned about frames not lenses a few months in...


Dp yourself a favor and do NOT do business with this store inparticular or this company. After not being...

False advertising

The advertising they have on the commercial is totally False Advertising 2 pairs for $78 you do not have thousands of frames to choose from you only have 30 frames to choose from, these people need to be stopped !!!

My second pair was crooked, I went back 4 times to get them adjusted, however, the secretary just told me not to fall asleep with them so they wont get bent out of shape, unreal, I take my glasses off prior to going to sleep !!!

Please someone investigate this company, this is wrong, they should be sued for false advertising ! My $70 visit resulted in $357.

  • Se
    SEXYLITTLETHING23 Mar 16, 2010


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  • Em
    EmmGee Apr 30, 2011

    Wow! almost what I have been preaching for a few years now.

    I went to Eyeglass World for their $38.00 glasses special. I got a set of frames, and single vision lenses. Due to my prescription, the cost went to $622.00. Funny how the most basic lenses and ordinary frames costed 16 times what was advertised. I was shocked. I then went back to get the frames "realigned, " and was curious about if the lenses could be replaced. Kristen (Toledo, Ohio store), told me that I needed to replace the whole set of glasses.

    At this point, I never will go to Eyeglass World OR sister company, Stanton optical, due to how they perform customer service.

    Bottom line, if some higher prescriptions are more costly, they need a disclaimer on the screen, when they advertise. I was mislead and unsatisfied.

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  • Ey
    EyeMother May 19, 2011

    Wow, such ignorance. Do you understand that if you put a disclaimer about each little thing that cost bring the cost up, the whole commercial would be a disclaimer? Anti-reflection, transitions, scratch coating, uv protection, lined bifocal, no-lined bifocal, polycarbonate lenses, high-index lenses. And Stanton has nothing to do with Eyeglass World anymore, well for about 2 years now, but, Stanton is worse, let me tell you. I worked for both and would go back to Eyeglass World in a heart beat. And as for the original post, if you only wanted to pay that much, you should have. People get mad after they pick out different things and then pay. Your fault, you could have said "I do not want to pay that much, what are my other options". They do have many frames, and they did have that sale. Did you really expect to get a steak for the price of a chicken nugget? They would go out of business if every single frame was included in that sale. You could have gotten the sale frames and only upgraded your lenses. My guess is you didn't like those frames so you picked out more expensive ones. They have that sale for people who cannot see and can only afford those lenses. If you want to be all cute or handsome in your glasses, you are going to have to pay for better ones. Geez! This is common sense!

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  • Em
    EmmGee May 20, 2011

    Clearly "EyeMother" is a fake name, and/or is an employee of Eyeglass World empire. I talked to a few other people who also went to EGW and didn't get the 38.00 advertised special. This is strange that they are not listed in the BBB files, which means they are not rated, for any location. This says enough. Apparently Ad Results does not like to produce commercials with that as a disclaimer. Say it's common sense, I call it bait and switch, not being honest, etc. If my Rx is too high... just as others' Rx's are, they should have it in writing. "EyeEother, " even you would agree that if your own Rx was too expensive, you'd be angered too... paid or walked away. You can't deny that. So stop trifling and be positive.

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frames for eyeglasses

On August 13, 2008, I took my daughter to Eyeglass World on East Tropicana. My daughter had the exam, and we...

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i worked for eyeglass world and during my employment to get paid your commissions is like pulling teeth they...

Awful smell

I visited the lake Worth store, and as soon as I entered, I smelled the wet stinky order. I stayed long enough to look at frames, and during the 20 minutes I was there, I began to have respiratory problems. Burning throat and itchy eyes and a throbbing headache. I left immediately and during the rest of the day, I had a headache and sore throat. My eyes and nose began to run. I contacted the store, and got NO response after three calls and an email. I contacted the health department and OSHA came out and found the building to have toxic mold.They are supposed to remove and replace the carpet baseboards and sub-floor. To this date no repairs have been made and the store is open for business. I am sick, really sick for a week now, and trying to get them to pay for doctor and meds. All I got was contact from a lawyer, for them. I will NEVER go there again, but I WILL pursue their liability for my illness.

Bait & Switch

I phoned the Melbourne, Florida Eyeglass World on Sept 12, 2008. I told the woman who answered the phones that I had printed their "1 Pair of Glasses Only $29" coupon off their website.

I asked her if they had glasses in that price range. She said that there were. I asked if I could come in that afternoon to see them and told her I had my prescription already. She told me to come in anytime and that I didn't need an appointment.

I drove 35 minutes to the Eyeglass World in Melbourne, Florida that afternoon only to find that there were NO eyeglasses in that range!

The salesperson took me to a rack marked "clearance" that was filled with children's frames and told me the $29 frames had to be chosen from this rack but that there weren't any men's frames.

I asked her why the coupon said "any frame under $79" and she replied that the coupon was only good for clearance frames and there weren't any available.

She did tell me that she could sell me more expensive frames from the clearance rack!

I believe this is what is called a bait and switch.

Eyeglass World should be ashamed of themselves, especially since I phoned first and asked their salesperson if the glasses were available. I wasted 70 miles of my fuel and time because of their company's dishonest advertising.

  • Na
    Natalie Smith Oct 08, 2008

    I agree!!! 20/20 EyeGlass World and all of these other big box retail stores are horrible!!! That's why I go to my local eye doctors at BREVARD EYE CENTER! I get all of the attention, care and excellent prices I need. Great doctors, lots of locations so I don't have to waste gas.

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  • Sp
    spyderdiva Feb 14, 2009

    I had a similar experience today with Melbourne, FL store. I have been at the store twice this week-and called them twice, looking at frames, talking to them about their 2 pair glasses w/progressive lenses for $158.00, and asking about hidden charges (they state they have no hidden charges, lol) but when my husband and I went in today to actually PURCHASE, the price went up by $30 PER PAIR because i have a really large correction in one eye, and they charge $10 extra per diopter per eye over/under 3.00 on the sphere reading-meaning if your right eye sphere reading is -3.00 and your left eye sphere reading is + or -6.00 in another eye, you have to pay $30 dollars extra per pair for the lenses.

    Now, I have read everything in their advertising, and nowhere does it state that people will be charged more for larger vision corrections. Just for upgrades, to thinner plastic, or to glass, or transistion lenses, stuff like that.

    Well, they called me back several hours later offering to give me an extra $30.00 discount, so I would only be paying the extra fee on one pair of the 2 pairs of glasses I am buying. I will be calling the better business bureau, the department of commerce and the dept of professional regulation first thing monday morning.

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Lies, Lies, Lies

Here is my letter sent to corporate and my cc is denying their charge: This is a receipt for the mail you...

Do not use them

I went for an eye exam on June 19, 2008 at the EyeGlass World location at 44 E. Grand avenue in Chicago, and...

They don't care about the customers

I bought a pair of glasses with Transitions lenses here in Mobile on May 6, 2008 -- they were charged to my credit card that very day. I was told it would take approximately 14 days for them to be ready. I called after a week and after two weeks and they were not ready. After three weeks I was told they were being shipped. A few days later when we went to the store to have an adjustment to the glasses I was wearing, I asked about them again. It was Sunday, and he could not check until Monday, but said he would and would let me know. I heard nothing Monday or Tuesday. I called him Wednesday, and when I got to talk to him he had not checked. He did then, and called to tell me they were shipped the day before, and would be ready in a day or two. When I got a call saying they were ready, four weeks and two days later, we went in, only to find they had the wrong prescription in them and everything was blurry! I asked for my money back. He said they don't do that, but gave us a customer service phone number. We called, and when we got a person, we were told the store manager has to okay that. We went back, and found he is the store manager! A few days later, yesterday, after calling customer service a couple times, we got a call saying we would get a refund in 7 to 10 days! They have had my $312.12 since May 6, and I should have to wait another 7 to 10 days!!! I have tried to get an explanation, but they will not return phone calls or emails. I have nothing in my hand to show I will get my money back, so in the meantime I do not want to go elsewhere for glasses that I might end up having to get there. I hate that I ever stepped foot in that store and I am letting everybody I know about what kind of company Eyeglass World is. They do not care about their customers.

Still no glasses

Eyeglass World is a POOR EXCUSE of a company and should be PUT OUT OF BUSINESS. I purchased glasses over 2 months ago and was told to allow 3 weeks...never received call and when I called, I was told that because of my strong prescription I had to select new frames from the selection THEY CHOSE, although I paid extra for the lens to be thinned out and they did not have my correct telephone number, although I gave it to them...3wks pass and no glasses or call...was told to give another week, still no glasses...their excuse this time...my one pair of glasses had a nick in it and was sent back. I was told they don't do refunds, only exchanges. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN AND WILL WARN OTHERS TO AVOID THIS MISERABLE EXCUSE OF A COMPANY.

  • Ta
    Tallulah Mar 19, 2009

    I will never do business with them again either!! I paid over $700 for two pairs of glasses three weeks ago. Only one pair came in, they arrived broken!!

    Also, the Leesburg store is TERRIBLE. They do not have enough help. Two people run around like chickens with their heads cut off and the lineup waiting for glasses is long, long!! I spent four hours my first time there just to order glasses after having my eyes examined. I should have stuck with Walmart. Closer to home and faster service. I've never heard of any store that made you wait over 3 weeks for new glasses, especially after paying over $700!!

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  • Ke
    Keith William Mar 25, 2010

    I have used Eyeglassworld before and everything went well. My glasses are not easy to make either so I was impressed when they were done right the first time. Other places have had to make them over 3 and 4 times before getting them right.

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Avoid at all costs

The eyeglass world in Louisville ***!! I have never experienced such poor service. They were willing to take my $500 at the store, but when I failed to receive my contacts, they said a refund could only be issued through "corporate". They said contacts would be in 2 weeks and after 6 weeks of no contacts, I asked for a refund. There has been no apologies and no attempts to treat the customer with respect This is a rip-off scam of a store! Whatever you do, avoid this store. I may lose my money but I hope they go out of business and their employees go to he**.

  • Do
    DoneWithEyeglassWorld May 19, 2008

    I had a similar issue with eyeglasses from Eyeglass World. I ordered 3 and only got 2. The 2 I had were not correct. It took me 4 months, a call to the holding companies president, Ben Cook, and the BBB to get my refund.

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  • Ma
    maynard Jan 24, 2009

    I also had terrible service. Last February I ordered a pair of glasses. I went to pick them up and the girl that was working did not check how they fit or even have me tried them on for her. When I got home I noticed the frame was cracked. I took them back and ordered a new pair. It took over a month for me to get my new glasses. I never received call backs after leaving messages for the manager. When I finally picked up my glasses, the manager was very rude and told me I got my glasses after all. Never Never got to this store, it is located in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

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Terrible service!

On March 6, 2008, my partner Brian, had an appointment at EGW in Denver. He had, in hand EGW'...

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