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Zynga Game Network Inc. / Hacking bank account

Carmen Deros Prescott on Jan 27, 2017
I already complain and everything that you have said doesn't work HELP. I am very upset with your company. I am going to make sure that all of my friends and anyone I talk to will know what crooks you guys are and I will get a lawyer if I have to. I just want my money back. I can't afford...

Zynga / Banned and suspended

MrMo Blades on Nov 30, 2016
I Just got banned on 11/30/2016 at 10:30.A.M for 385M that is so sad and so bad, it took me months to earn them, that is not far enough. That isn't the way how to treat your customers. I am absolutely disappointed and frustratedon that, cause if i really did anything or something wrong or...

Zynga / Error in charges

Kathy Blessing on Nov 30, 2016
I unfortunately purchased several animals from Savannah Safari that I thought were 70% off before seeing I was charged full price. As your support page said this was being investigated for a fix I did not submit a complaint. Now it is off your page as an option to see status of where we...

Zynga Game Network Inc. / My account winnings were reduced by $5 million

Tony Guy on Nov 5, 2016
Over the last 24 hours my pot winnings have been reduced from $72 million to $67 million. I did not play during the period. In addition I play on an iPad and on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The apps appear to be different. On the iPad I get the opportunity to use the spin bonus feature. On...

Zynga / Banned

Vladi on Sep 27, 2016
I was Zynga user for a long time now and really enjoyed playing poker there. Recently I finally won something, and not just something, but a lot of chips. I was so excited and could not believe I actually won! Next day when I wanted to log into my account I was not able to do that. Later I...

Zynga Game Network Inc. / Zynga poker

Theresia Tiofani on Aug 20, 2016
I while playing in the tournament, which was held, and only 2 people only, but why suddenly appears a notice that my account has been banned because doing illegal transfer. How can? This accusation is not unreasonable. please resolve this issue, because I sure do not make mistakes and do...

Zynga / Farmville 2

Sue Derrick on Mar 27, 2016
I have been accused of cheating in their Farmville 2 game which I play through Facebook. All I asked for is the return of items I had previously earned through hard work in playing the game - their game has recently had major issues, which has led to many people losing items they had...

Zynga Game Network Inc. / zynga poker

Reviewer93874 on Feb 19, 2016
I love playing poker but lately I haven't enjoyed as much. I have had at least ten hands in a row with ace 4 or five and that doesn't happen in poker. Plus I noticed that when you tip the dealer you get better cards and that's not right. I wont spend money either and I feel that you punish people for it. you need to check into that.

Zynga / Words With Friends

Reviewer13474 on Feb 11, 2016
I'm complaining about the system issues that caused my games to wrongfully lose twice to a certain opponent. When an opponent makes a move, the game alerts you to make a move. If a person idles on their move, the game automatically declares the win to the opponent. I brought to customer...

Zynga Game Network Inc. / Mafai Wars

Reviewer28698 on Oct 26, 2015
Zynga continually makes changes to this game in a discriminatory way to increase their monetary intake. The game is designed intentionally to allow lower players to be targets by placing them on a custom attack list. This is noted by the low level player being one of a few per page among...

Zynga / Urgent response

Chay holland on Aug 26, 2015
I was once banned from playing, I filed a response but I had no response to why I was banned. I was then deducted all my playing chips. I stopped playing for a while and then have started again. This month I have credited my account with almost £200 english pounds and I feel there is a limiter...

Zynga Poker / got ripped off

Dianna61 on Jul 20, 2015
I had made a purchase yesterday for chips I bought 15, 600'00 for ten dollars. it registed on the board and I played a few games and left. I won some lost some but score stayed pretty much the same. when I came back my points were gone and I had nothing. I don't know what...

Zynga / blocked plug in

Betty63 on May 28, 2015
i have had numerous ads from adobe to upgrade my site for 9.95 a month and i have a older mac that won't accept a newer one. however after this comes up and i explained my problem the sit seems to be blocked i am 84 yrs old and enjoy playing the free bubble safari i would really...

Zynga Poker / chips hacked

Raheel123 on Feb 24, 2015
thrice it happens with me. I win chips by playing poker all the time as its a great fun, but every time i got ma account suspended. i want to know why is that so?? why my account did not get banned when i have less amount of chips?? i had never ever violated the terms and conditions of the...

Zynga - Farmville 2 / No delivery, no support, no recourse

Webwriter on Jan 22, 2015
Farmville 2 The thread in their peer to peer support forum is closed. My issue is resolved according to Zynga. http://www.zyngaplayerforums.com/sho...h-not-received Except it isn't. I purchased an expansion pack on December 18th. When it hadn't shown up by the 21st, I looked...

Zynga Poker / Rigged

Tomikat on Jan 2, 2015
Zynga poker is the most rigged site in the history of online poker. How can a company who has massive funding not create a legitimate poker app that doesnt cheat players on the last card every other hand. Its absurd!!! No matter how good a player you may be or how patient you are zynga...

Zynga Poker / Zynga poker is rigged

Mitch Andrew on Dec 25, 2014
Zynga poker is 100 percent rigged for the last 2 years i have been unable to have any decent wins. Ive been over $50m but now it's impossible for me to even win a $100k tournament which in turn has made me miss out on winning potentially hundreds of millions or even billions. I refuse...

Zynga Poker / Zynga Poker is Crooked!

mowiolson49 on Dec 24, 2014
Zynga is the most crooked company in existence. I built up over 97 million chips and never used foul language or took any chance of violating their TOS. I had pocket aces and another player with pocket kings went "all-in". After I won the hand he accused me of cheating. Yeah Right. Then he...

Zynga Poker / use of cheats in the game actively encouraged by zynga

jules2014 on Nov 18, 2014
myself and friends of mine who do at times buy poker chips on this site as we all use it as a fun way of getting together are now feeling like winning on this site is like fighting a losing battle. We feel that Zynga have now managed to spoil a decent game. We now feel that the use of bot...

Zynga / Bugs or missing chips

rosellahmar on Aug 4, 2014
i accidentally remove my Zynga poker application on facebook while i'm trying to remove my unwanted apps when i tried to play again my chips and my level are new just like when i first start playing i already had 1.5B and level 52 and i also earn Gold club i used to buy chips and Gold...

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