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Zynga reviews & complaints

Zynga complaints 307

Zynga - Farmville 2

I started my Farm in March this year (2021) and in the In Box there are two things that are supposed to be there;
Requests and Notifications. Notifications is where you ASK your friends and neighbours for items they send it to you and it appears as Notifications in the In box.
Since starting my farm I have not had any Notifications. The Ask Function doesn't work so I am not getting any item from my friends and Neighbours.
Without these items I cannot finish tasks and have missed out on so many benefits because of this.
I have pleaded and begged Zynga severl times to fix this so I can ASK for items so that they appear as Notifications in my In Box, but they have failed to address the issue.

Desired outcome: I would like Zynga to fix my Farms so that I can ASK for items and it appears as Notifications in my In Box

Zynga - Zynga poker

I installed Zynga poker 4 days ago. I used to play another poker game, but my wife, mother and family play Zynga so I joined. I spent £70 to buy chips and coins for the fruit machine and accumulated...

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Zynga - % not working

ive won over 50 games straight and my % dosent go up, they charge for purchase of coins, then you have to bet your coins, and even if you win or lose, they take a % of your coins again, its the biggest scan going, the game boots you off the table, then it charges you half of the bet more coins, total bs i cant wait to a new spades game comes out, zynga will be bankrupt.

Desired outcome: ive spent over 5k playing this game over last 7 years ,and just been scammed,not much they can do

Zynga - Spades plus

I've been a loyal player for over 5 years. This morning one of your administrators came on my game and made a rude comment about blocking me. I spent lots of money on your game though I. loose but didn't mind because its a game. This person had no right to block me because I chose to take a blind then leave because of his statement. Know one should feel threatened when spending their money.. There are other spades games I can play online but chose yours.. I have uninstalled the game and would like a refund for the coins I recently purchased. Sad that you should loose a loyal customer.

Desired outcome: Refund and apology from administration

Zynga - Zynga poker - missing chips - customer service

ID [protected]

I've been experiencing Freezing at tables and I've been missing chips I've been sitting with, I miss more than 120B, support don't help, I bought a pack of chips I didn't received, I needed to call from Brazil to US to complain for an issue that keeps repeating itself it's the 5th time
No concern from them
They take the chips I paid for and couldn't play them and now my money
I will look for reimburse and moral damage compensation

Desired outcome: Reimburse - refund

Zynga - Hi it rich

I had over 870 millions and when I logged in there is only over 300 million there. It's impossible to reach customer service. These coins were stolen from me and I am absolutely disgusted! I have spent so much money playing this game and they just go ahead and basically steal it! It's outrageous! I enjoyed playing but after this I am done! How can they just do this?

Zynga - Game as a whole

what is going on? Zynga reset from Birthday Bonus and nothing works.
Game play on fast tables is slow
Table chat does not work. Sends out random message from my player.
Cannot collect prizes. Tickets etc.
Continues to pay out over 60% on the river. Odds are stacked
Zynga cheats to boost revenue.
takes me over 5 minutes to get a verification code to my outlook.com account but my yahoo.ca account get code instantly.
complain but always get a ROBO answer.
Just as bad as Facebook, Instagram if not worse.

Zynga - Wonka slots

My fb was hacked and i told them so, said they would move my account to another one, and lied, said they would not do it after 6 days. So now they are letting someone who hacked my game use my zynga accounts and wont shut it down, which is a breech of security...And once more this site does not do a d***** thing to help, i am not sure why your even here!!!


Zynga - Gin rummy game

The site keeps on freezing up and I've noticed it only does it when I'm playing a high value game usually 300000 or more, the last time was for 350000 coins (this afternoon at 2pm), which you haven't and never do return which too my mind is fraudulent behavior.
All the page says when it freezes is OH NO SOMETHING WENT WRONG, then you say refresh which I do but it never works and I never get the game back and I lose my money every time, I paid my hard earned cash to buy coins off you only for you too rip me off and get back those very same coins by way of freezing the game and if this is not the case then why don't you return the coins I paid for with actual real cash.
So far you've taken close too a million coins off me this way and it has too stop.
This is purely your fault and issue, its your end that's causing this and its happening too many people, stop stealing from me and repay my coins.
I am going too submit a formal complaint to the English game commission as you are still a gaming site.

Desired outcome: Return my coins

Zynga - Farmville ID [protected]

I have managed to obtain all 36 animals in the animal park. A lot game play and spend. After an update all 36 animals disappeared. I have Uninstalled the game several time shoping it will reinstate the game but with no success. I have sent several emails to Zynga support with no reply or help.
I would please like somebody from Zynga to help me.
My email [protected]@yebo.co.za

Desired outcome: Please reinstate my game

Zynga - FarmVille 2 Country escape

Player ID [protected]
I have been playing this game for many years. This is my second farm as I lost the last one through no fault of my own. I started from the beginning and have spent hundreds of pounds on upgrading, taking part in events etc. Not to mention the time invested. I had until about 3 weeks ago enjoyed a game that is fun and competitive at times but it was an escape for me sometimes. Now I have nothing, through no fault of my own, it's all gone, everything has disappeared and your support will only offer me a level 179 generic farm with all my assestts missing. I find this hard to believe that your support team cannot reload my game to a point at which it was working perfectly? To say I am dumbfounded is an understatement. I understand from your small prints that you are not liable for anything that goes wrong, but surely on a humane level you do offer help and support. People like me invest hours and hours into their game and spend, like me lots of cash advancing in levels and obtaining helping hands. Do you agree that I should just accept that I have lost it all for the second time? If this is the case then it's gambling isn't it? I I pay for something but you don't guarantee it will be available the next day/ hour or year? I would play again and probably would carry on spending £10 every week to advance my farm, but I will not spend more money to get back what I already have somewhere in the cloud? Please can you look into this as I am so unhappy and feel this cannot be left. I speak for so many people who I see all over Facebook in a similar position. You don't seem to care as you have small print but you offer a service and there is no customer car e involved it seems to me.

Desired outcome: To be able to play my game at its full potential without having to pay for it or earn it all over again for a third time.

Zynga - GOT slots

I am spending more than $500 a month to play. The algorithms have changed and they offer rewards but little comes. They are raping their players for money, and promising higher status, and bigger payouts. This is gambling, and it needs to be set accordingly so that zynga is returning at least something better in rewards for its player that are spending the money…

At least three times, i was charged twice the same day for a package of coins, and i had to dispute the charge on my Apple Pay. This company has customer service email, that tell you, it is just luck…..

BS, they promise you that if you do this or you do that, you will get better payouts and wins……It is fixed by the company to make you buy and buy and buy…..

Desired outcome: Improve low payouts, and better coin packages for frequent users . You get a bonus and it pays 3 times your bet every 100-200 spins?

Zynga - Unfair dealing

I am so, so, so tired of loosing good hands to the River, time and time again.
Don't mind if it happens once in awhile but when it happens 2, 3, 4, 5 times in a row you know something is wrong. To compound the problem why does the same player win on the river three times in a row.

Zynga are nothing but crooks. They take your money so the can fund Club WPT.

They should both be investigated for unfair playing practices. Rigging the game. They control the Auto Dealer.

Desired outcome: Stop cheating

Agreed. Peter Pan in GOT has won the iron throne like forever…..

Agreed. Peter Pan in GOT has won the iron throne like forever…..

Zynga - Wonka Slots

DO NOT EVEN START A ZYNGA GAME YOU WILL BE SORRY FOR IT LATER. I started in 2017 with one of their games Wonka Slots, and have been playing ever since. Last month I sent in a ticket saying I was getting lots of error messages, their reply was we will turn it over to the team. Still having them 2 weeks later i sent in 2nd ticket and their replay was we will turn it into the team, same ********! The next week I log on and nothing was there, my level was gone, the status was gone, the coins were gone, everything was gone...i sent in a ticket and typical response was we needs screen shots before your loss, GUESS WHAT! Yep, I take screen shots now because they told me out right basically that was TUFF, they were not in a position to give it back...NOT IN A POSITION TO GIVE IT BACK, yea right, about 7 emails I ASKED THEM HOW STUPID THEY THOUGHT I WAS, I started in 2017 of Nov. and it is now Aug. 2021, You think that is all the play I have done, showed receipts where I paid for game play and it gave me the platinum status and the ******** still would not give it back, THIS IS TYPICAL GREED WITH THIS COMPANY. There is a petition started to make them be responsible for their issues and support, if you have issues sign it, go to change.org and search zynga, look for a purple error sign and you have found it! They need to be held accountable for their games and game play as well.


Zynga - Unfair dealing

just played a number of hands and 3 out of 5 hands were won on the river even though I had good hands.

They reset the auto dealer about 6 month ago to deal winning hands on river based on best hand at the table.

They do this to sucker in the rookies to buy more chips.

Last week I played and had good hands yet the same player won three hands in a row with 3 of a kind, all Queens. What are the odds of that? Tell me Zynga is not cheating!!!

Desired outcome: zynga needs to stop cheating and make the game fair.

Zynga - Missing 7 days of elite games

On Wednesday Aug. 25th. I purchased a coin pkg. for 199.99 from you. I have not received my 7 days of elite play. I have already sent two posts that have not resulted in any game time. You need to fix this ASAP! I play your games everyday! I have purchased many coin packages over the years and I really disappointed that my request has not been resolved. Just in the past two weeks I achieved No. 1 in the weekly race, you can verify this by looking at my history. Please fix this issue promptly!! Thank you Margie R. Correa or online player id Nanas3nietos.

Desired outcome: Give me the 7 Days of Elite Play that I am due!!!

Zynga - Google zynga

Google zynga has charged my card over 1900$ !!! And i did not approve or make these purchases! I would like a refund! Please . I see there are mony more people dealing with this same issue as me ! This is crazy!"they are robbing people!!! I want my money back. I dont even know what google zynga is!!! And not interested either!! Please just makebthis easy and give me my refund!!

Desired outcome: Refund my money!

Zynga - Game of Thrones slots

Offered a reward to players that completed a challenge. Once challenge was completed no one received reward and was stated as an error on Zyngas behalf but no reward was ever paid out.

I have tried to add photos, but theycare all apparently too big. So I will copy/paste a response from Zynga, stating they are aware they ripped off customers.

As for the Dragon Jackpot mentioned in the Challenges, our game team has advised that this is a display issue for the event, and they have updated it for a fix moving forward. In terms of your experience with the game, we'll take this as feedback that will be shared with our game team so we know what can be improved on and provide players with a better gaming experience. Stay safe and thanks for your understanding.

Joy M.
Zynga Player Support

Desired outcome: They pay out their rewards.

Zynga - Words With Friends watch ads for free coins is gone

Words With Friendsusually has a daily thing where you can watch ads for free coins but it is gone and I'm just curious if it's gone for good or will it be coming back? It really makes playing helpful for swaps and was hard enough when they dropped it down to about 10 ads a day for 3 coins each because it takes days to build up enough for just 5 swaps. There is no point in me playing the solo event any longer if I can't get free coins because I can't afford to buy them and often all I have are a bunch of low point vowels that make it impossible to pass through the solo events without being able to swap.

Desired outcome: Hoping to see that it comes back again.

Zynga - Unauthorised purchase

I have a deduction on my checking account of $10.13. I have not authorized any payments out to your company. Having to make this complaint 350 works as to keep people from filing complaints so I'll just keep typing useless words until I reach the required 350 words. I have better things to do with my time but I don't like being ripped off by people and companies.

Desired outcome: Refund

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