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Zynga / farmville country escape

Joanne Walker on May 20, 2017
My games reset itself back to 5 days ago. It has restarted the event. Finished my 2 pigs that I had only had 1 day. The windmill and dairy I purchased have disappeared. I had also upgraded both my new windmill and dairy to 25% faster and can made 3 of everything. Is has also reset my...

Zynga / tropical escape

M peacock on May 17, 2017
Game would not load rebooted lost all content. Was almost at level 24 with 15 expansions have spent a lot of money on in app purchases and had over 290000 coins how do I get my game back? Have played similar games with zynga and also had to reboot them with no problem. Takes to long to...

Zynga / poker

Dieter72173 on May 13, 2017
Once again I do not get the chips that I win. For easy math, if my account has 100 million and I buy in for 10 million and then win 10 million my account will only go up 5 million. So my account will be at 105 million and I will be on the table with 20 million. If I lose 10 million at the...

Zynga / customer support zynga hit it rich

Stacey Struck on May 5, 2017
The dates of my incidents fall over the past month or two. I have lost several charms sent to me, by one player. I sent the date and time, with the player's name each time to customer support and not once did I receive a response! The 2-hour timer is stopping and affecting our game! When the...

Zynga / farmville country escape

brogan lusty on Apr 26, 2017
I have been playing farmville for years, unfortunately when i have problems/issues i of course need to contact Zynga because of this, but support takes days, sometimes at least a week it takes for someone to get back to me, i love Zynga games but they don't have good skills in helping...

Zynga / willy wonka slots

Dean Parassidis on Apr 19, 2017
My name is Dean.I have a 14 year old Autistic daughter who loves playing Willy Wonka slots.Last week she won a massive 24billion which wasnt added to her winnings.I made an official complaint and after a 2 day investigation they couldnt find the win anywhere.Sonya who is the supervisor in...

Zynga / Chips and game policy

Moin Sagar on Apr 6, 2017
I have been facing an unexpected problem which are so frustrating. On april 5. 2017 i have secured my winning stake as bigger three of a kind than my opponent. but unfortunately the winning stake went on my opponent though he had lesser three of a kind.! today i have lost my stake against...

Zynga Game Network Inc. / csr racing 2

ron baker on Apr 5, 2017
I submitted to zynga a trouble ticket 5 days ago pertaining to the game CSR Racing 2 where my online profile was lost because of one of the support members messing it up and when I've tried contacting them for either reimbursement or some way to fix it they will not so much a...

Zynga / My poker account.

Jazzy91 on Apr 3, 2017
Respective handler, My name is Jai patel and I am from India. My poker account was banned since long and then I also complaint about it at zyngas forums. I can assure u that the term and conditions weren't violated by me but the thing was my Facebook account was hacked, if u guys have a...

Zynga Game Network Inc. / About the complaint of poker chips

Pravin Jain on Mar 21, 2017
To zynga, How in the world can Quads lose from full house? I lost around 120M in that hand so now what shall i do to get it back because this is just insane. And another complain is the tax you deduct from the hand that we wins and also some chips are deducted from the chips left safe by u...

Zynga / farmville 2

Sheila Tylus on Mar 21, 2017
I earned an extra farmhand by winning the county fair. He was taken away after one hour. That is it. It is a very easy fix yet I have to keep typing. Give me back the farm hand hat I earned. I apparently have to type 350 charters to be heard. How about you give me my farm hand back and 350...

Zynga / Zynga poker

William ho on Mar 20, 2017
I will like to talk to your manager I didn't do anything u guys block my account and took my 5.2b away. And I try to call phone service. They have bad attitude。 I wanna talk to the manager. If you guys not transfer to manager. I will try my way to let everybody know how rude u guys have Because...

Zynga / Zynga poker

Sahil Bansal on Mar 20, 2017
Hello I m a regular user of zynga Poker n have bought chips before... My account email is bansal.sahil@hotmail.com I had over 1.5 billion chips but some "Sarah Harris" transferred all my chips to his/her account, I got a mail from facebook of about malicious activity in mail I'd I...

Zynga / Hit it rich complaint

John Skip Avery Jr on Feb 25, 2017
I had over 38 billion coins showing and the game "updated", when it came back I found I only had 5 million coins left, i'd like to know where all my hard earned coins went. I was working my way back up yet again and the system "enhanced" again removing a major amount of the coins I had...

Zynga Game Network Inc. / Hacking bank account

Carmen Deros Prescott on Jan 27, 2017
I already complain and everything that you have said doesn't work HELP. I am very upset with your company. I am going to make sure that all of my friends and anyone I talk to will know what crooks you guys are and I will get a lawyer if I have to. I just want my money back. I can't afford...

Zynga / Banned and suspended

MrMo Blades on Nov 30, 2016
I Just got banned on 11/30/2016 at 10:30.A.M for 385M that is so sad and so bad, it took me months to earn them, that is not far enough. That isn't the way how to treat your customers. I am absolutely disappointed and frustratedon that, cause if i really did anything or something wrong or...

Zynga / Error in charges

Kathy Blessing on Nov 30, 2016
I unfortunately purchased several animals from Savannah Safari that I thought were 70% off before seeing I was charged full price. As your support page said this was being investigated for a fix I did not submit a complaint. Now it is off your page as an option to see status of where we...

Zynga Game Network Inc. / My account winnings were reduced by $5 million

Tony Guy on Nov 5, 2016
Over the last 24 hours my pot winnings have been reduced from $72 million to $67 million. I did not play during the period. In addition I play on an iPad and on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The apps appear to be different. On the iPad I get the opportunity to use the spin bonus feature. On...

Zynga / Banned

Vladi on Sep 27, 2016
I was Zynga user for a long time now and really enjoyed playing poker there. Recently I finally won something, and not just something, but a lot of chips. I was so excited and could not believe I actually won! Next day when I wanted to log into my account I was not able to do that. Later I...

Zynga Game Network Inc. / Zynga poker

Theresia Tiofani on Aug 20, 2016
I while playing in the tournament, which was held, and only 2 people only, but why suddenly appears a notice that my account has been banned because doing illegal transfer. How can? This accusation is not unreasonable. please resolve this issue, because I sure do not make mistakes and do...

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