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Zynga Complaints & Reviews

Zynga / csr2

Dale W Perdue on Oct 11, 2017
The app was freeze up on me. I was told by a znyga person to reinstall the app. I asked would all my account information be there. Yes was the asnwer. So I reinstall app to find out I got to restart over. That's [censor]. I was a leader of a crew. I was level/rank124 and had spend...

Zynga / zynga poker

Mickey Hughes on Oct 6, 2017
Can someone please explain why approx 3million chips and 2 gold coins where removed from my over all total? I used golden tickets to get chips which gave me 52million and 23 gold coins. Keep in mind i was not on a table when this happened. In front of my eyes the some of chips and gold...

Zynga / broken game

FforlL on Oct 1, 2017
This game is broken. Many times other players can get wins out of nowhere. Really nowhere. Maybe they're hacking or not i'm not sure as i've encountered many times and lost alot of unwanted loses. I've spent quite alot of money on this game but time as time again it has disappointed me. I...

Zynga / reward from "the safe cracker event in mafia reloaded did not receive

Daniela Juric on Sep 24, 2017
Dear, I started to play Mafia Reloaded 16 days ago. Since the Safe Cracker event began, I know I did open 3 times the safe, but today when I checked my inventory, I realized I do have only 1 item. Means I did not received my rewards.. means it might be I did not receive some other too, but I...

Zynga / cheating

Vikram Aravind on Sep 21, 2017
I am a frequent user of zynga poker. i was playing at a 16M buy in table and i was dealt A6 and there was both A and 6 on the table so i went all in with around 15M the other guy had A and K and he won the entire pot i thought some glitch so i dint bother much but it happened again when i...

Zynga / words with friends

Frustrated gamer on Sep 20, 2017
I am writing to complain about the multiple scammers that have contacted me in chat. To the unsuspecting, I'm sure they have made tons of money off of them. However, to someone who knows better, this is extremely annoying. Anyone that has two first names is a scammer from Africa. They will...

Zynga / zynga poker member name "spicey t" acct i'd: 29:3631879113

Terri Seitlin on Sep 17, 2017
Today, Sunday 9/17/17 approx 6:00 pm. Joined a $5 million tournament. Reached a point in the game where only three players were left. One of the three was name: A[?] She lost leaving myself and the other player. Suddenly she rejoined the tournament with $500, 000. Kept going all in, won one...

Zynga / wizard of oz slots game

Susan Xena on Sep 15, 2017
The game is definitely RIGGED. I have purchased coins with REAL MONEY but when I actually win I do not receive it. I believe that that is theft. We purchase and get FAKE COINS to play, then we don't receive our win, what would you call it. I have contacted them many times about many issue...

Zynga / hacking

Vishak214 on Sep 9, 2017
A person had hacked my I'd i.e(vishakupadhyay@yahoo.com)and took my entire chips that were 1.5B it was my 3months struggle his I'd user name is HONNY.zynga poker authority can also check that he had played only 22hands and have won 890M pot and win percentage is 77% how it is possible I...

Zynga / blocking me from high stake tables

Alan Fowler on Sep 8, 2017
I woke up Monday morning and realised I couldn't get in any rooms that are above 200k and 400k blinds. So I e-mailed Zynga Poker and told them my problems. They blatantly lied to me over and over again, saying that it is an ongoing experiment and they can't say a time of how long it will...

Zynga / got hacked need help

Roland Ward on Sep 3, 2017
I have not been able to play facebook games for a month now due to hacking. I need to get my rolandward59@yahoo.com back to play games. Also rolandward84@yahoo.com, I can't get ahold of Yahoo to do so.I have spent a lot of money in FV2 & Royal Story, in last few years, and don't want to...

Zynga Poker / texas holdem

spurlore on Aug 18, 2017
I have been playing Zynga for a while and as an Engineer and MBA that understands statistics, math, and poker, I can pretty much say I firmly believe Zynga cheats to steal your chips and thus steal money from you to buy more chips. I noticed a switch would flip after gaining chips by which...

Zynga / Useless customer service

Todd Marimons on Aug 15, 2017
Why does it take forever to reach your customer service? It's absolutely useless. Think of improving it. Many people complain of it, maybe it's reasonable to pay your attention. You have tons of software problems and doesn't care about them. You only want us to pay for your...

Zynga / Regarding Farmville 2

Cody Geaslin on Aug 11, 2017
I think what you do is completely unprofessional. I have so many troubles in my game: I can't see people, I don't know how to contact them, I can't even email them. I guess I'm not the only one having same problems. You just have to remember that we paid money to play your games! And I...

Zynga / chips missing, chips hacked

AshishLodha61 on Aug 10, 2017
I had 1.8billions 3 days before that night someone hacked my id and stole all my chips... I need my chips back at any cost I want a justice I never a solution from zynga team is this what u give service to customer. From past 5 years I am the old customer of zynga poker After so long time I...

Zynga / zynga poker

Adil Kamal on Aug 8, 2017
Suddenly my account was suspended... I guess my account was hacked.. please fix the issue and activate my account bck again... I want my 1.2billion chips bck in my account, it was hard earned... so kindly do the needful and I will take extra measures to protect my account from next time...

Zynga / zynga texas holem on facebook

Lucy Ballsy on Aug 5, 2017
This makes FOUR times, that I have been ripped off, just within the last 3 weeks. I complained to Zynga on Facebook, and they did nothing. I spent money to buy gold, and win chips. I played Blackjack and this screenshot, I will show has happened to me twice. 21 Blackjack is the game and...

Zynga / words with friends

Kimberly Holmes on Jul 19, 2017
My chat does not work, my sisters chat doesn't work. We both checked our settings and they show chat on...we both uninstalled and then installed again...that did not work, our Internet connections were working. Any suggestions? This is frustrating because we like to chat during our...

Zynga / farmville 2 - country escape

Biparnak on Jul 7, 2017
Hello sir, I had installed this game on my Android phone and I had bought a suitcase of keys but it has been more than 2 hours that it is not showing in my game at all. I had used the force stop action as you have mentioned in the website and even removed cache as well. Still this is not...

Zynga Poker / poker

Meral Can on Jul 1, 2017
My 3- billion pot (In fact over) was hacked during the play. I was at the table1/2b. Nobody had the same amount as me. Before the game I had over 1b. One of the players did all in. All of a sudden, all went all in. I was the one that won all the pot. I saw new amount in my seat, more than...

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