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Meijer Customer Service

326 Reviews

Meijer, Inc.

2929 Walker Ave., NW
Grand Rapids
United States - MI49544-9424

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+1 877 363 4537(Customer Questions)
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+1 866 763 4537(Meijer Private Label Credit Card)
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+1 866 789 6041(Meijer Platinum MasterCard)
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Meijer Complaints & Reviews

Meijer / the store in utica mi


I have been coming to this store (Utica, Mi on Hall road) for about 10 years, in the last 2 years It has gown down hill. Huge lines, only a few lanes open, over picked produce and many items out of stock. I use to see a lot of the same smiling faces over the years but now I see a lot of...

Meijer / meijer brand tortilla chips

Awrighto on Sep 14, 2018

Hello, Yesterday I bought Meijer Tortilla chips and today I noticed A gelly-like substance that was not edible. Unfortunately, I found that out by having it in my mouth at the time. I ended up throwing out the whole bag of chips just Incase, but I wanted to let you know as well because...

Meijer / I am complaining about employee service

Tahmin on Sep 12, 2018

I went last week to Meijer at Saginaw located at 3360 Tittabawassee Rd, Saginaw, MI 48604. I am a new Meijer customer. That week visit was my third time. I was looking for Frozen Puff Pastry Sheet At first I asked an employee where I can find it- he was so annoyed with my question and just...

Meijer / community bank credit carrier

Kelly Hawkins on Sep 10, 2018

I can't believe you credit card provider cancelled my credit card because they didn't have a Physical adrs on would I get a credit card without that? I've had this card since 2005. I changed 2013 to a PO box for billing & mailing. My credit is A+ and to hear you choose a company...

Meijer / meijer texas toast

Hagle on Sep 9, 2018

I purchased Meijer Texas Toast on 9-7-18 from the Fort Gratiot store in Michigan. My son was making toast today and their appeared to be something small and blue in the bag between 2 slices of bread. He removed it. Then he toasted 2 slices of bread and before buttering it he flipped the...

Meijer / customer service

JediJames68 on Sep 9, 2018

First I would like to thank Meijer Corporate for sending me the coupon booklet. Very kind and useful. I saved $5.00 which isn't much but, better than nothing at all😀 ( that $5.00 can go towards gas for the car). My concern however is when using the Self Check Out machines. Sometimes they...

Meijer / customer service

T.Armstrong on Sep 6, 2018

I visited a store today in Bolingbrook, IL and myself along with another customer waited for over 25 minutes for help in the Meat department. I wanted help really bad so I wondered over to the Deli department where 2 people were working. They paged someone 5 different times ( I wa...

Meijer / manager named greg

Jessica Potter on Aug 26, 2018

My mom and I were back to school shopping yesterday, in the craziest I have no idea what I did with the receipt. So today when I tried to exchange a broken lunch box, 2 pairs of underwear, too small and a pair of pants, the manager said in his 33 years, he has never returned or doesn't do...

Meijer / movie buying policy

DemureNewt on Aug 24, 2018

I was trying to buy a copy of Deadpool 2 and was asked for my ID. I didn't have it and was told that I couldn't buy it because I didn't look 40. Since when did someone have to look 40 to buy a product? There was no indication in the electronics department that I needed to provide ID to...

Meijer / pharmacy technician

ShirlSweeney on Aug 23, 2018

I went to the Meijer pharmacy in Michigan City Indiana today. I usually get ALL my families prescriptions filled there. However, after today I will NOT go back to that one! I have cancer and am very sick. And my insurance just got cancelled. I have to wait til the 1st of the month for my...

Meijer / No one at at self checkout to assist

David Young5 on Aug 23, 2018

I went shopping this morning at the Meijer in Bolingbrook, Illinois. This store is located at the intersection of Janes and Boughton Road. While checking out I had a coupon (Meijer Store Coupon) for buy two get one free cat food. The register said I needed to have an associate to approve...

Meijer / the employees

Darkim on Aug 20, 2018

I literally shop at Meijers about 5 time a week. Only because it is close. Every single time I go to the Deli, the women are extremely rude. Some of that may not be their fault as an average wait time at the deli is 10 mins. Last night I asked the girl for BBQ Chicken lunch meat. When she...

Meijer / limited checkouts open

Deborah Switek on Aug 18, 2018

I just shopped at Meijer on Wilder Rd. Bay City, MI at 10:00 p.m. and out of 30 checkouts not including the self checks there was ONE CHECKOUT OPEN. That is ridiculous. Try doing a big order on a little counter that kept saying item removed from bagging area. We had no place to put all the...

Meijer / products not marked for sales price empty shelves

Misterb57 on Aug 17, 2018

I purchase grocery's from Meijer on weekly basis from the Warsaw Indiana store. Every week we are being charged more at register than sales price and the products they do have on sale there shelves are always empty I love the employees their and I've complained about this problem before...

Meijer / customer service

Jennifer Moffett on Aug 12, 2018

I was just at store # 246 in canal Winchester Ohio. An entire section of self checkouts was closed, so I went to the section on the other side of the store. The checkout that I was trying to use kept malfunctioning and would not allow me to scan my items. I waited for the cashier for...

Meijer / customerservice

Kittydeez on Aug 4, 2018

I just left your grand ledge location. Your problem is an employee named Warren W. There is a 70yr working a Uscan, at 2:30pm on a Saturday. He is helping a customer scan no less than 40 items through a 20 item or less lane. All of the help lights blink as he remains oblivious. He should...

Meijer / lack of open registers

Hutchibear on Aug 3, 2018

830 pm of Friday, August 03, 2018. Only 3 lanes open with at least 10 people in line at each register. Most people get paid on Fridays so you would think there would be more help available during such as busy time. This seems to be the case over the last couple weeks. Surely something...

Meijer / Bakery

Hattie91 on Aug 3, 2018

I had a Jurassic park cake ordered for pickup today, placed a week ago. First they couldn't find it, than she said to come back in 20 mins, so I did..and it was the wrong cake and they did not care to recognize that. I showed them my order form, in which she goes, we dont make that cake...

Meijer / meat department/management

Shelle16 on Aug 1, 2018

I have a trouble many time in the last year at the bowling green meijers the meat dept has either forgot to do my order lost it or did it incorrectly on the last occasion I was promised by jordan that he would make sure everything was taken care of when I returned for the 3rd time that...

Meijer / holton road, muskegon michigan store

CJGs on Jul 31, 2018

The bread slicer in your bakery at the Holton Road was pulled for being unsafe. I can appreciate wanting to keep your employees safe, but are you going to replace it with a safer bread slicer? I regularly purchase your ACE Rustic Italian Oval loaf and have your staff slice it. Inconvient...