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Grand Rapids
United States - MI49544-9424

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Meijer Complaints & Reviews

Meijer / an employee

Kim Mullins on Dec 10, 2018

I was in the produce department and was going to buy a grenade veggie tray. Well I noticed one marked down but it was half empty. I took the half empty one and anther that was full to an employee named Gregg I asked him why there was such a difference between them . He said one was marked...

Meijer / customer service-returns and exchanges of merchandise

Marie Kwarciany on Nov 28, 2018

On 11/28/18 at 7:15 a.m. I went to my local Escanaba, MI, Meijer and went to the Customer Service Desk to exchange a shirt I purchased for cash yesterday. I wanted to exchange it for a size larger. There was a sign on the desk that advised me the Customer Service Desk did not open until...

Meijer / the "prepared" meals for thanksgiving

Jacque Tomlinson on Nov 24, 2018

I ordered the Thanksgiving Day meals, one each turkey and ham. I will not do this again. First, I ordered them a week in advance. I live out of town and asked my brother to pick them up at the Maysville Rd in Fort Wayne. He got there and they gave him half the order. He called me and...

Meijer / meijer heavy whipping cream grade a ultra pasteurized 16 fluid ounces

Gladys Heald on Nov 23, 2018

I bought six Meijer heavy whipping cream 16 oz. I have used 5 of them and not a one of them would stiffen up they were all runny. I went to Walmart to buy theirs and is stiff and right up and was really good I don't know what's wrong with this product of yours it's expiration date isn't...

Meijer / lake & trail boots

Themotivator on Nov 20, 2018

I was very pleased with the Lake & Trail boots I bought at Meijers. They delivered what I expected, they are light and kept my feet warm and dry the 5 different times I wore them . But after that they failed, walking on wet pavement they soaked up water like a sponge. i tried coating them...

Meijer / management

Sylvern on Nov 20, 2018

I made a visit to meijer in southfield, mi., on nov.19, 2018, to purchase a playstation that was on sale Nov. 18 thru 24. I was told to come back in 20 min. When the salesperson would return. I did then she (kim fletcher) said they were not on the floor and she needed to call the manager...

Meijer / customer service

Heather Lynn Wiese on Nov 14, 2018

I've shopping at Meijer in Monroe, MI for several years. I'm finally fed up with the treatment I get by the majority of female employees. Every single time I walk in the store there are many woman that ignore me when I say hello or turn away instead of greeting me. I even get dirty look...

Meijer / syrup, sox, birthday cards, club soda, checkout lanes

jemalyn on Nov 11, 2018

Why is lite Karo Syrup in with bakery items, not with rest of syrups? Where are birthday cards for sister, brother-in-law .Card selection is minimal, offers none of these. You need more women's anklets(not ankle bone length sport sox!) - in a variety of colors, not just brown, black...

Meijer / checkout

David Manthey on Nov 10, 2018

My wife and I shop at Meijer quite a bit but tonight may have been the last time. We bought several items including a large turkey for Thanksgiving and a case of beer. As usual we left these two large items in the cart fr the cashier to hand scan. The cashier was very rude to my wife and...

Meijer / coffee bean machines taken out of the stores

Pamela Muenchen on Nov 1, 2018

Please! Bring back the coffee bean machines...they belong there...they have been there for years and now you took them away. I just purchased a new grinder for home and was enjoying the different beans. quite a few people I have talked with are not happy with your decision to remove the machines. ...

Meijer / unethical behavior

Pauline Fialkowski on Oct 30, 2018

v ea problem with The greeter .She is very rude .I needed a rider and she was right there helping another lady and i yelled at her to help me get rider.She new I was there and avoided me and drove in the store with the scooter. its all on tape. well the problem is i reported her to manager...

Meijer / meijer brand onion dip

Grandma@3 on Oct 28, 2018

Purchased 10-27-18 2 meijer brand onion dip opened, one it is just sour cream, took pictures and copy of receipt, same expiration date, do I return to store and 1 unopened ? Bought this product before no issues, but when you are at a party and open this as onion dip and ends up being just...

Meijer / managers

mstamp on Oct 27, 2018

As of 10/26/18, i am no longer an employee of store #123. I had been sexually harassed by a customer as i was working (cashier) and immediately called my coordinater after he left my line, i was told to wait to come tell her because we were busy. So when i finally went into the office, i...

Meijer / checkout cashier

aN/R*1! on Oct 27, 2018

My ladies and gentlemen cashiers are taught they are the last department customers will interact with so they must make eye contact, greet, smile and always thank the customer. That is good customer service. Today Alexus showed or displayed none of the above. It appears Alexus had her...

Meijer / employees/ manager/ customer service

Goldy84 on Oct 24, 2018

When checking out, I asked for help bagging my groceries because I am Under the weather And quite sick and contagious. I asked for help From the clerk, and they through 1 item into the Bag and then just left. I asked to speak to a manager, and when greated by the man, explained the...

Meijer / service by team leader

AKessler on Oct 23, 2018

I was shopping, and I work at the Meijer I was shopping at. Anyways, I was off today, and was actually waiting to speak with someone about something and one of the leaders yelled at me. They paged me, again, I was OFF. And yelled at me to get away from the front end of the store because I...

Meijer / pharmacy

cathy spence on Oct 20, 2018

I am a regular, very regular customer at the meijer pharmacy in Louisville at Springhurst. This is not the first time I have encountered Etta for check out. You should know that she is not an agreeable person who should have any contact with customers. She must only work on weekends or be...

Cedar Springs, MI - Meijer Pharmacy / pharmacy

Danielle0924 on Oct 20, 2018

My 10 month old son had bronchiolitis and needed meds quick. they said they'd have it filled in 45 mins, I called back to check on it and they said they didn't know why anyone would've told me that since they didn't have it in stock but would have it the next day but that wasn't going to...

Meijer / gas

Renee Cargile-Bridges on Oct 20, 2018

On September 3, 2018 around 11 pm at night I stopped at Meijer and purchased close to ten dollars in gas. I proceeded home, parking my car in the garage. I got up to take my son to school on his first day and the car would not start. I called a tow truck and had it checked out and was told...

Meijer / unethical behavior

Cassidy Minix on Oct 20, 2018

I was shopping in Meijer today before the football game, my fiance and I were picking up some sour cream. My fiance was facing the sour cream and I was facing forward. All of the sudden I was hit from behind, in my back, I turned around and the employee had run into me with a giant "hand...