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Meijer Complaints & Reviews

Meijer / above and beyond customer care

Daniel Pulka on Sep 18, 2017
On Sunday Sept. 17, 2017, I was discharged from the ER at Sherman Hospital needing 3 prescriptions including pain meds. I immediately went to Meijers on Randall Rd.in Elgin to fill the prescriptions. Upon my arrival there I was informed that the pharmacy was closing in 8 minutes. Rather...

Meijer / stocking guy in waterford, mi

Stacey Z on Sep 18, 2017
I stop in weekly in the early morning on my way to work and sometimes on my lunch break to get baby food/formula for my son. Every time I go the same stock guy is there, stocking up supplies. Although I am glad they stock items a lot, the stock guy creeps me out. I am trying to look for...

Meijer / discriminating and rude behavior towards people with autism

proudmoma on Sep 15, 2017
9/15/17. My son who has autism and I have been shopping here for years at least twice a week. My son likes to window shop and say hi to people he knows while I get groceries. On this particular day while I was in checkout my son went to say hi to someone he knew and one of the male...

Meijer / Meijers Pharmacy

Kelsey1894 on Sep 14, 2017
Tonight i made the mistake of dropping off my prescription to the meijer pharmacy on Harvey st. When i dropped my script off the tech told me it wouldn't be any longer than 15 min. so after 20 mins had passed i waited in like for another 10 mins to finally be called up by a tech named Amy...

Meijer / Price reduction misleading

john doe on Sep 14, 2017
I am referring to Meijer's price mark down on fresh meat items. Occasionally, close to expiration date meat packages would be marked down. The markdown label would say original price, mark down 20% & new price $xx.x. The misleading part is: on the same label, meijer would say the new price...

Meijers / Cashier

asylum23 on Sep 14, 2017
Meijer in Roseville, MI on Little Mack. As per usual, at 10PM, there was ONE regular register open. After we stood in this line for 10 minutes, an employee, Britney, said she was opening another register, but we had no idea where or which lane, because she waved her hand above her head and...

Meijer / Pharmacy

Slp846 on Sep 12, 2017
I drop 2 prescription off and pay and drive all the way home to find they only put 1 script in my bag. Then I proceeded to call and the girl who answered was talking to another customer when she answered the phone and told me to hold on. Then she tells me it's basically my fault that I...

Meijer / Pharmacy Services

meijerpharmacysucks on Sep 11, 2017
I cannot tell you how many issues I have had with this pharmacy. And these issues are serious! This isn't like being out of bread this is MEDICATION! Essentially multiple times and with multiple medications I have been told are "out of stock" - simple meds like valcyclovir or an antibiotic...

Meijer / customer service self checkout

KitKatt on Sep 8, 2017
Went grocery shopping on 09 /08/ 17 at around 12:45 midnight all of the cashier lines were closed only the self-checkout was open on that night the operator of the self check out number 557, I had a problem with running my bridgecard through the computer she told me to wait and hold on and...

Meijer / Misleading items on sale

Freedom 19 on Sep 7, 2017
I was at Meijer in McHenry Illinois, I was shopping the five for $5 off sale. One of the items I wanted was cereal. In the center aisle was a stand alone display with only cereal and the 5 for 5 signs. I grabbed the Apple Jacks and continued to shop. After checking out I looked at my...

Meijer / children employees

Domos on Sep 1, 2017
They never do there work and I'm always stuck finishing there work on the other side because they end there shift at least one hour before me and only are told to fill the garage so they just use the wall and leave the other carts in the lot . all the money I could be getting for my hard...

Meijer / Coupon wasn't taken at self checkout.

GoFukurself2 on Aug 31, 2017
I was at the Meijer self check out earlier today and I was supposed to get $10 worth of produce and get a dollar off on my coupon. Before I could go any further, the screen wanted me to insert the coupon so I did but it did not take my coupon off. Normally it tells the person if the coupon...

Meijer / lack of cashiers

TriMar on Aug 25, 2017
Just left the Petoskey, MI Meijer store. Waited in a checkout line longer than it took to get my groceries. Lines were backed up into the clothing area with several registers unmanned. No worries though, I saw 2 managers on the phone TALKING about the problem and talking to a lady that...

Meijer / door greeter

emeraldfire on Aug 24, 2017
I frequent the Meijer store in Terre Haute Indiana quite often and a man by the name of Nathan Roe frequently makes sexual remarks to me, even though I have expressed discomfort with it. I will never visit that store again, unless he is gone from there. He is not cute or humorous in any...

Meijer / management staff and team members are very racist

Yolanda Mays on Aug 24, 2017
I visited the Meijer's on Pennsylvania and Miller in Lansing, MI. One of the products that I was purchasing did not have a bar code on it. I simply asked the cashier to see how much the juice cost. She inquired about the juice but since I was using coins to pay for my groceries at the...

Meijer / fish department

Lillypad135 on Aug 24, 2017
You should be ashamed to sell fish. The tanks are all filthy and multiple fish have ick. Some of the fish shouldnt even be kept together due to their aggressive nature towards other breeds of fish. There are multiple dead floating fish in tanks and fish that are injured. Fish are animal...

Meijer / purple cow mint chocolate chip ice cream

StephMarie1234 on Aug 24, 2017
About a month ago I purchased the Purple Cow Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and last night while my 9 year old son was finishing the last of it he discovered 2 small metal springs in the ice cream. Now as a mother of a 9 year old and 4 year old who love ice cream I was in disbelief and wa...

Meijer / cashing out computer problems

Scott lavelle on Aug 23, 2017
Checking out on August 23rd at the store on Henry St Norton Shores. Spent 160 dollars and using my chip card the machine told me to pull my card and it locked up. Everything was bagged. They had three different people trying to free up the machine. I was told there was a recent upgrade...

Meijer / produce and stocking

Megannshea on Aug 21, 2017
To Whom It May Concern, I am a frequent customer at the Meijer in Royal Oak, Michigan. Before the renovations, I have to admit, the place was terrible. Then during and right after the renovations things seemed to be looking up. I noticed new faces, which I assume were from other place...

Meijer / produce

Justin goodwin on Aug 21, 2017
I went I meijer groceries on alpine road. I shope there regularly for my groceries and everyday household needs. We spent around 354.00 that day. A lot was meats and produce. I got home around 8pm. I ha plans on cooking a burger, corn and potatoe sald. I was getting ready to shuck my corn...

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