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Meijer Complaints & Reviews

Meijer / produce/meat

Shawn Rank on Apr 17, 2018
3 days ago i went to meijer in grandville michigan. Picked up chicken to make a meal out of it. Pack of meat was 10 bucks. I stuck it in my fridge to sit over night to cook the next day and i goto take it out of the fridge and the meat smelled foul. I threw it away. Meanwhile i wa...

Meijer / tipp city oh distribution centre

Jimmy680 on Apr 13, 2018
Hello, I was delivering at tipp city oh distribution centre on 04/13/18 at 4:45 am door 382, went inside to check in open door for your employee in check in office & was told by him to get the [censor] out of my way & whole office witness that, thanks to your great employees, I thought...

Meijer / incorrect pricing on products

Misterb57 on Apr 12, 2018
I do majority of shopping with Meijers but as of now that's going to change if something isn't done to improve quality and the correct prices when you are checking out. Over the last several weeks I've caught incorrect pricing on products that if I hadn't watched and questioned the cashier...

Meijer / rude cashier

Hand soap on Apr 7, 2018
On 4/07/18, 19:23:13, I was shopping at store Meijer, 065 Shelby Twp, MI. I had Meijer coupons to redeem that I received by mail. So it took me awhile to find everything since the store was recently remodeled. I went thru line, gave cashier (#2245686) my 9 coupons, ready to check out and...

Meijer / always out of stock items and stocking shelves (making aisle crowded)

Sandy Pelok on Apr 7, 2018
The Meijer Store in Westerville, OH is always out of Eggland's hard boil eggs, as well as other products. The answer I receive from the clerk is " the Vendor supplies them." Seems strange to always be out of the same items. Perhaps whoever orders them from the Vendor should order a larger...

Meijer / pharmacy

Scoe89 on Apr 2, 2018
Bought OneTouch Verio Test Strips through the pharmacy in Greenwood, Indiana. It is a new meter and I was not sure which strips it took so I had my doctor call it in as a prescription. Huge mistake!! They charged me over $62 after insurance. Test strips do not require a prescription so I...

Meijer / boys clothes

andreamomofboys on Mar 30, 2018
meijer in marysville michigan has a boys clothes department that leaves something to be desired. there girls clothes section is huge bigger than some small stores as to where there boys clothes section is more like an aisle at a gas station. my boys go to a uniform required school and to...

Meijer / self checkout

Steve Maresca on Mar 30, 2018
I am a long time customer of Meijer and mostly shopped at your Westerville and Lewis Center, Ohio stores. There are many reasons why I have always used your self check out lanes. But since you discontinued them in Westerville and now in Lewis Center I unfortunately will be shopping...

Meijer / customer service

GrannyBeck on Mar 28, 2018
I have been A Meyer's customer from many many years but that will no longer be as of March 26, 2018. I used yourself check out unlimited items 2 to 3 times a week When I shopped, (I am a multi shopper I shop for different families at 1 time because my mother is disabled as well as my daughter...

Meijer / checkout cashier

Veruca on Mar 23, 2018
I am a regular shopper at Meijer, but today had a frustrating checkout experience. It was Friday morning and four different cashier checkout lanes were available, but none with cashiers I was familiar with. Taking the shortest lane available, with only one shopper ahead of me, it still...

Meijer / customer treatment

Susan Branka on Mar 22, 2018
While checking out yesterday I found the cashier to be rude. I asked her a question and she said she didn't know (whether the item I purchased was the correct sale item). She didn't say anything for a few minutes &then said"I need more room". Didn't even realize she was talking to me at...

Meijer / purchased king size mattress cover

Damika Pace on Mar 15, 2018
I purchased a king sized mattress cover on saturday, march 10, 2018. I put it on my bed this evening to find black hairs and stains on it! I am absolutely disgusted!! If it weren't 10:00 pm and my child needed to go to sleep, I would drive immediately to get my money back!! I have...

Meijer / cashier

kdbird on Mar 9, 2018
date - 3/9/2018 Alpena MI cashier - Marleigh time - 11:24 AM I have been a long time customer of Meijer dating back to when the first one opened in Flint Mi on Pierson rd. I moved to the Alpena area 20 years ago and was thrilled when they finally opened a meijer. This is the first time a...

Meijer / turkey bacon

rueckert on Mar 7, 2018
I am tired of yous advertising a item on sale than you run out so you put a higher priced item in that spot but leave the sale price sine up. it just happened to me again butter ball turkey bacon for a $1 got home and looked at my receipt got apelgate bacon $4.99 I guess I will have to...

Meijer / paying too much for cedar point tickets halloweekend

Dontcare31 on Feb 28, 2018
I am upset because this past October 2017 I wanted to purchase cedar point Halloween and tickets I went to my Meijer went to customer service it says save on cedar point ticket so I ask her how much are the tickets then she tells me it would b just about 60 because tickets at gate are 75...

Meijer / use of coupons, mperks on prescriptions and groceries

Diana Mlynek on Feb 26, 2018
I have a complaint about how you redeem the meijer custom and mperks coupons. If you use a coupon on buy one get one free the entire coupon comes off the free amount applied. So you have no savings of using the coupon. Also I think you discriminate against customers who are over 65 on...

Meijer / male security door person

Jtkerger on Feb 14, 2018
This pertains to the flossmoor, il Meijer in The 60422 area. I'm a frequent shopper at this location in flossmoor. Recently I came from Franciscans hospital in olympiafields, where I have a family Member in The ICU I went to shop for 9 of my family Members To get ready made or prepared...

Meijer / staff customer recognition

tootiej on Feb 10, 2018
On a sturday 2/10/18 after spending $130 on a snow day after chicago residents have been working hard to get out your staff greeter scheduled around 11:30am setting in a chair in the front of store, stonefaced, not saying hello to one customer. I watched her. What is the point of a greeter...

Meijer / customer service

Jill Gibson on Feb 3, 2018
Absolutely no workers in check out lines. Several people waiting to check out. Three employees standing up front doing nothing. Reason given for no lines being open- short staffed. Seriously? Self check out only with a full cart of merchandise. What should have been a five minute checkout...

Meijer / meijer brand creamy peanut butter

tifer99 on Jan 31, 2018
We purchased a small jar of Meijer creamy peanut butter. There was a chunk of metal in the peanut butter than was bit into on a peanut butter sandwich. I can look at the jar for any identifying information if you could tell me what to look for. It could have broken a tooth and did cut my...


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