Uitica Police Department / Harassment

1 United States

My complaint is with the police department because they harrassed my family so bad because of the things that been going around in the neighborhood to the point know one is comfortable in our home they made codes serve my mother fines for her private garbage but you walk up and down utica streets and see more garbage on the street then you see in the bags we had our garbage in .the kids got toplay on egg shells outside my mom have to go to meetings like all these kids thats out here is her s and thats not right that she is being harrasssed like she is because they didnt feeel like doing there jobs the right and my family deserve a public apololy from the city or i will bring this matter to a higher level where people will know that this poluice statoin do not like black people, especially my kids and th e sad part about it t hey caught the boys that did theses things but yet in still the want my son to had did so i want some one to come file a report for harassment against the utica police department or i'm going to some where they will listen to me.


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