SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Mail in rebate scam

1 United States

Rebates are promised for 6 weeks, then after repeated calling it goes on for 14 to 18 weeks, still you get nothing back, if you call every time you get a polite answer that something will be done in so and so time, but never, if you insist then they will pull out a hidden charge of $21 shipping and handling, its like they dont pay you ever and then in turn they ask you to pay them first so they can send you whatever remains out of the promised rebate, $21 for s&h of a check ? you must be kidding, if this is not a scam what is it ? I wonder if Dish Network is part of this ? do they knowingly let these third party vendors promise stupidity and they watch from the sidelines with no obligation ? After all once you sign up with Dish Network you are locked in for 2 years anyway so why would they even care ?

I would never recommend Dish Network or (if they represent any other product as such) just because this is a perfectly legal way of scaming people, just that they know, this can only take you so long until people realize for sure its not worth looking up such companies.

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