San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis / Taking Bribes and Campaign Donations from Illegal Donors

1 330 West Boradway, San Diego California 92101, United States
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Phone: 619-450-7300

San Diego County District Attorney is a greedy crook. She is more interested in grabbing campaign donations for her failing re-election campaign that she is in running an efficient and honest office at the "Hall of Justice."<br />
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The local PBS channel did not mince words: "News broke in San Diego last week about a mysterious foreign national <br />
bent on influencing San Diego politics by illegally funneling money to political campaigns through a retired San Diego police detective and a undisclosed “straw donor.” Now, the politicians on the receiving end of <br />
the tainted funds are scrambling to distance themselves from the scandal."<br />
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One of those politicians is the tyrant D.A. Bonnie Dumanis. She received $3, 000 from "foreign national" businessman" Susumo Azano, a Mexican billionaire. Dumanis also pocketed $100, 000 from a shell company that funneled the dirty campaign contribution to her campaign for San Diego's Mayor in 2012. <br />
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How ironic that this scandal is taking place. After all, the role of the District Attorney is to pursue & administer justic as<br />
well as to protect public safety. As an elected official, any District Attorney should strive to the very highest standard of integrity. . It is imperative to be personally mindful of potential or actual conflicts of interest as well as try as best possible to avoid any appearance of impropriety. It is not abundantly clear that Bonnie Dumanis did not heed this common sense advice.<br />
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The facts that surround Bonnie Dumanis's political activities in the last three years can only infer that thevoters<br />
of San Diego County and the Office of District Attorney need and deserve a new leader. The fact is: we the citizens of San Diego now are facing the sad and embarrassing reality that the incumbent top prosecutor of our county is a prime<br />
subject of scrutiny in connection with an ongoing federal campaign that even involves the FBI!<br />
<br />
BONNIE DUMANIS NEEDS TO STEP ASIDE & RETIRE. She is stain on the good name of San Diego and a blight on justice! <br />
finance case. In pursuing her personal political ambitions, the <br />
incumbent D.A. has dragged the name of the Office she holds under a dark<br />
cloud through her own actions and no longer deserves the confidence of <br />
the voters.

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis

Mar 20, 2014

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