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Placed an order for a Del Latitude adapter on 1/01/17. I waited until 1/16/17 before I sent the seller a message through Paypal asking about the status of the item. She did not answer me but flew into a rage via resolution center:

"We knew the second this buyer purchased the item she was going to be nothing but a problem. Despite the 4 emails she received and the 5th one immediately after purchase, this buyer clearly knew how to contact the company. "

Despite not having an email to contact the seller, she stated:
"This buyer clearly knew how to contact the company and deliberately filed a dispute.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in South Hackensack, NJ This buyer is permanently blacklisted for attempted mail order fraud."

On 2/12/17 I Googled my name and discovered the seller placed my personal information on All of my personal information is on the site, full name, address, home phone number. She stated I blackmailed her, that the item was $5 (it was $10.50), and it was purchased on Ebay (it was not purchased through Ebay).

She left a LITANY of obscene words in order to publicly defame my character. I only discovered information about her company while searching manta business directory. There is no email contact information readily available. The website link was broken at

On a positive note, my money was quickly refunded through Paypal.

PSI Electronics

  • Updated by Complainant23029, Feb 13, 2017

    The seller continues to engage in defamation on instead of removing the content she posted.

Feb 13, 2017

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