Police of Longueuil aka A JR R, (Alain Royer Fiducie Inc)serving and protecting

The agent in question, arrested my person allegating that he busted me before. I told the fact that I was victim of identity theft police report no LGM180308-051 and LGM180428-007. He wanted to see my ID, he told loud and clear that we will get my Id back at my place, keep in mind that we are July 15 2018 at about 7h00 or 8h00 am (estern). When it to get milk and a red bull, with out reading my rights, I was falsely arrested, and passed a night in prison Riviere des Prairies, but I met a French man from France, that came here to work. His family name Xavier, nice man, wrong place, wrong spouse. I shout out to this man, Mr Lyne I hope for him to live the Dream. I am only owner of NEQ1168075589 AND NEQ2272929103. The arrest was for Morrissette Yann aka [protected]. The procecuter was in favor for metal institute,??? Where do I need that. I filed a waiver for file destruction with pardons and waivers USA, regarding my identity theft issue and the RDPRM in QUEBEC registred a loan against my property. I give my consent for whom is interested in the video of this false arrest.

Aug 06, 2018

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