Our Angels Center For Well BeingFalse Advertising

This company is making claims that they are a mental health facility with counselling services and qualified massage and relaxation therapists however this is not the case. None of the people that work here are even slightly qualified to work in the field of mental health and should not be allowed to promote their extremely expensive services as counselling. In fact, the staff are not even qualified massage therapists. There is one person that states their counselling qualifications come from Doreen Virtue and I am positive that there are no legal claims that there is any Canadian mental health accreditation under the tutelage of Doreen Virtue. In fact, this same women id claiming to offer a certificate in crystal therapy and for a large sum of money you can become a qualified crystal therapist. This isn't okay because their is no accreditation in Canada for a crystal therapist.

My complaint is being issued because they are making claims in mental health which is a very vulnerable consumer group and I am hoping to help people that might be having mental health issues from becoming victim to the claims of such a unethical business.

These people are claiming that they are psychics and that classification of business is supposed to be listed as entertainment so that people understand that their methods are not proven or of any monitored quality.

Please stop this company from being allowed to promote themselves as anything but psychics and not to be allowed to offer credentials that don't exist for therapy practitioners that are not recognized in Canada or any where in the world for that matter. They are not mental health care counsellors and they are not licensed as real physical therapists.

Jan 02, 2015

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