Mr. Coffee, coffee maker DWX23 / operation, use, coffee heat

1 Pensacola, FL, United States

Model DWX23:

Not only is this the most ungainly coffeemaker I've ever used, it is also the most difficult to use, and the coffee is not made hot, neither does it heat up on the warmer, or stay warm.

The top is humongous, I have to move it to the kitchen island to fill.

You have to open this humongous lid, move the water wand to remove the filter basket, move the water wand again to fill the water tank, move the wand again to replace the basket, move the wand again over the filter basket. The coffee pot itself is poorly designed, it is impossible to pour coffee without leakage, usually a LOT of leakage.

The coffee does not come out hot, I can immediately pour and GULP the coffee down (and I'm not a fan of boiling hot coffee).

This is the poorest coffeemaker design EVER. I have owned 4 other very basic models with no complaints, this model needs to be removed and apologies sent to every purchaser.


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