Mr. Christmas Symphony of BellsWarranty refused on new item

This item, 77621, was purchased to give as a gift on Dec. 25, 2014. It was new sealed in the original box and packing carton. Upon opening and powering the unit up, it would not play the bells and only played music until the selector switch was moved and from that time nothing other that the train running is a circle. There stated warranty is a false statement, as they only replace defective procuct as long as they have that item available. The following is the reply they provided which indicates that they have no provisions to repair their product under warranty or otherwise.

Unfortunately, we do not have a repair department or licensed repair technicians. Therefore we do not carry most replacement parts like motors, drive belts, circuit boards or any other electrical item, nor do we have the knowledge of how to make repairs. All of our products carry a 90 day warranty from the original date of purchase. This warranty is only for manufacturer's defects, and once it has expired or if it is not a manufacturer's defect, we can only suggest contacting a local TV/Clock repair shop or a local hobby shop to have your product looked at. These types of shops are many times skilled in repair of small motors and electronics and can sometimes make the necessary repairs.

Mr Christmas warrants all our products for 90 days and will replace the item if defective with no questions asked. But because most seasonal products are typically stored in an attic, basement or Garage, which is not a good climate for electronic items, we cannot extend the warranty past 90 days. This is in alliance with other manufacturers.

Jan 31, 2015

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