James Rivera Aka James Quinn / James Rivera Aka James Quinn is scammer

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In early 2007 I met a gentleman, James Rivera (as of 12/1/08 He is also going by the name of James Quinn, Quinn is the name of his youngest son, nicknamed 'The Mighty Quinn', his wife Michelle Palacio and others that represented a start-up Multi Level Marketing (MLM)He represented that he had the rights to market two miraculous products known as Ionyte and Aqualyte. These products were represented to provide amazing health benefits including a possible cure for aids. I was told that studies had been done in Africa, with a 100% success rate for the cure of aids. The company name was Xionyx and was listed as part of a Nevada Corporation known as Apostle's, Inc. and I Really Wish I Had That, Inc.. Per the referenced note, Apostles's Inc. attempted to repay the amounts listed here and in the attached note. James Rivera made 2 out of 6 payments and has defaulted on the note. 1. $22, 000 for a promise to repay plus a 1% interest in Apostles Inc. 2. $20, 000 and a promise for Meador to do certain services and for Apostles Inc. to convey a 7% interest in Apostles Inc. to Meador. (1% to go to Magee for E World Productions business plan.) 3. $25, 000 in exchange for a 1/12th interest in Xionyx MLM Top Tier. During this time, Mr. Rivera expanded the scope of the company to include a water project in Africa, as well as a windpower company. Over the course of several months I invested additional funds, and was promised stock in the company. Mr. Rivera indicated that he had organized divisions under a holding company called, "A Company." With each additional investment I was promised a percentage of the company, but no documentation was ever provided. I became uncomfortable and requested documentation of how my investment was being used, (an accounting). Mr. Rivera stalled with regard to the accounting and admitted that the entire amount of my investment, both in the MLM and A Company had been spent and the money was gone. He indicated that he did not have the resources to repay the amounts I had invested. Though I have requested an accounting for the companies on many occasions, Mr. Rivera has not complied with my request. In addition, during this time, Mr. Rivera asked me to wire funds to Africa to establish an office there for the water project. He told me he would pay me back immediately. He wrote me a check from the company's business account, but the check was NSF. After considerable pressure on Mr. Rivera, through discussions and negotiations with his attorney, I was finally provided with documentation for the entire amount of my investment, including the NSF check. This documentation is in the form of a note, that was payable in roughly equal installments over 180 days. Mr. Rivera signed the note, and in fact made the first two payments as scheduled. He then decided to discontinue the payments and is now unreachable. (See attached note signed by Mr. Rivera). So far as I know, Mr. Rivera never filed proper paperwork for these ventures, and I was never provided evidence of the stock corporation. It has come to my attention that he is being investigated in Maine for selling franchises to a windmill company. The situation there is similar in that he never formally organized a franchise, (similar to the MLM). Nor does he have any windmills to sell. Recently, I was informed that Mr. Rivera was arrested in Bakersfield, on charges of larceny with regard to writing bad checks. I do not know the details of this arrest but do have documentation of the date, jurisdiction and penal code violations. It appears that Mr. Rivera has established a pattern of overselling these start-up companies, and lying to potential investors about how far along they are. Then he collects the money and never launches the companies. It is unclear how he is spending this money as he will provide no accounting to his investors. This activity is still going on currently, and must be dealt with before more hardworking people lose their life savings. During this round of "investments" sold by James Rivera two close friends were also defrauded Jill Magee ($50, 600) and Trisha Antonetto ($60, 000+) These two individuals are also filing with your office as well. I have researched James Rivera on the State of Nevada Secretary of State website and found multiple listings for windpower companies under his ownership. It now appears that he has used the windpower game to extract money from people in the past. Here is a listing of those companies and their initial corporate filing dates: International Power and Light: 3/28/2000 Fresh Winds International: 3/1/2005 Apostles Inc.: 6/18/2007 Almighty Wind, Inc.: 2/25/2008 Almighty Wind International, Inc.: 7/21/2008 I have attached the following for review: 1) a listing of all emails showing a paper trail of some of the transactions. Some were verbal and were supposed to have detailed stock certificates transferring ownership of part of Apostle's Inc and the 1/12 ownership of the MLM. These never arrived. I have also checked with Nevada State and there are no records of the stock being transferred into my name. If there is anything else you need from me to bring this case to the public eye and serving justice I am available for deposition.


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