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1 IRIS Chinook, Calgary, AB, Canada
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after a standard eye exam i ended up ordering glasses. Some weeks later, glasses arrived but were the wrong physical size (arms too short). glasses were reordered, and some more weeks later, replacements arrived but the lenses were too small and too curved. Reordered. Some more weeks later, replacement glasses arrived but vision poor. Asked to test new glasses. A month later vision still not clear and glasses readjusted. In store personnel requested I only to use certain adjusters in IRIS Chinook store as not all 'were competent'. After another month, vision still not clear, and glasses readjusted again but vision still poor.

After 13 months and some 10 visits I still have poor vision. Have decided to abandoned IRIS opticians and optometrists as collectively incompetant. Total cost of glasses $1500, non-refundable as 'too much time has elapsed'. However, I was continually sent away and asked to try glasses out for a few weeks to evaluate tolerance.

Further, during my eye exam, dispensing optician named Dr Ben Barrus went out of his way to convince me to try 3rd party oil for dry eyes. Talked me into accessing www which resulted in purchase of $500 worth of 'nutriceutical' oils to help dry eyes. He claimed they had other benfits including reducing cholesterol. Have since checked literature and other www sources and there is no published evidence or supporting information. Suspect fraudulent side business or at the very least unprofessional advice is being offerred.

Mar 3, 2014

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