Gabriel Lopezchange on ticket dates which cost me more to complete.

I submitted a request to change my Airlines departure date due medical reasons.I submitted the request 2 weeks ago and not gotten a response.I had to pay an extra $711.44 to make the change. I was diagnosed with cancer and had to due emergency radiation treatment on the day on the dates I was leaving . I had to change my sons ticket date as well due to him assisting me with my treatment travel plans. I was informed my the Aeromexico staff member who I spoke on the phone that I had to complete this form on-line to get reimbursed for the extra money I pay. I can provide proof of my medical treatments.The flight information are listed below.
28 de dec 2018. Los Angeles to Guadalajara, Gabriel Jr. Lopez #VFTBWW Michael Lopez #EYPVGX 12:40pm [protected]

Dec 10, 2018

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