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The absolute worse!!! Unprofessional, unresponsive, fraudulent, totally scam artists! How could I ever take these opportunists at their word. I purchased a pair of "Chanel" shoes, (NOT!!!), with Authenticity Card, box, and the size on the invoice said (size 7); I have it on record that I ordered. I received fake Chanels (really ugly), size 8, no authenticity card, and the box and packaging looked like a dog chewed it. When contacting them the first time, I was told to "take pictures". HUH?! At first it mad me furious that I would have to be inconvenienced as a customer, but hours latter, and 4 messages latter, I did take picture of the evidence, showing the size, the shoddy packaging, the lack of authenticity card. Silly me, how could there be they're not real! And now 6 messages later, including one to Paypal, I was informed that although I paid through their "safe payment plan" Ha!, they can't do anything about it; I guess because this group of rip off artists are based in Japan. This company is the worst! Paypal said that if they get more complaints in the next few months they will take action. If you've been burned, buy all means, please report. It's really not the $80.00 I've paid for a fake inferior product, sometimes it really is the principle that these thieves get away with it!


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